Pastors Redux

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Pepper.jpgJuneau Christian Center.jpgThe boys at Harpers have come up with some zippy quotes from the pastors that Sarah Palin has been listening to–and so she’ll be subjected to questions like: “Do you agree with Juneau Christian Center senior pastor Mike Rose that “we are living in the last days”? And “Do you agree with senior pastor David Pepper of Church on the Rock in Wasilla that “this nation is a Christian nation”? And she’ll say 1) that she doesn’t know what times we’re in but her faith teaches her always to be prepared; and 2) that this is a nation for Americans of all religious faiths; and 3) that she, like Barack Obama, does not agree with everything her pastors say. And everyone will know what kind of churches she goes to, if they didn’t already. And it will make a difference in some quarters.
Update: And another.

  • Russell King

    The link ot he zippy quotes is broken.

  • Mark Silk

    It’s back.

  • Cindy

    What’s next for Harpers, mentioning that Palin’s kids are named after witches?