Palin offers a window into Pentecostal beliefs, practices

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WASHINGTON _ The blogosphere is abuzz with snippets of sermons at Pentecostal and charismatic churches attended by GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. In them, pastors declare that people who die without Christ “have a horrible, horrible surprise” awaiting them and refer to America as a “Christian nation.” Such views might strike some as offensive, […]

  • Ellen

    “I say, I grew up with the Assembly of God, she said. “Nothing freaks me out about the worship service” …GO SARAH GO! I find it interesting that it was a Pilot’s wife(nurse friend of mine, who told me not to knock the CHARISMATIC GROUP, until I was fully informed about WHO they were. This pilot was a pilot to our GOVERNOR here in GOD’S COUNTRY. I then went through -THe Life IN THE SPIRIT SEMINAR, and I think that I am a better CHristian these days. Those who fear the movement,need to be educated (Full Knowledge on how GOD is working in today’s WORLD. Prayed for you today.

  • Kevin

    I am not religious to the point of wearing it on my sleeve but have my own personal beliefs and also know that in the religion that I was raised with, Roman Catholic, taught us that most of the stories in The Bible were symbolic and not to be taken literally. An example is that Adam & Eve represented man and woman and not 2 individuals who then went on to populate a planet. Many Pentecostals are taught to take the Bible at face value. Doesn’t matter to me that we were taught and believe differently. I don’t care what religion, if any at all, people believe in, however, when it infringes on my rights as an American citizen, we have a problem. I have to follow all of the laws that anyone else follows, pay my taxes, work, you get the idea. Now please explain why I should not have all of the same rights that everyone of every race, color and creed in this country have? Oh, that’s right, it will destroy the “sanctity of marriage”. You can get married by any priest, minister or The Pope himself but without a state issued marriage license it means nothing in the eyes of the law. Marriage in the US is a legal, binding contract and nothing more as far as the law is concerned. With it you get rights. Without it you get fewer rights.
    No self respecting gay or lesbian person would attempt to get married in a church that, knowing they were gay, would most likely excommunicate them first. We want to be married under the law, not under someone’s interpretation of what he or she thinks god intended.