Immigration reform

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A diverse group of religious leaders, including Catholic Archbishop John Wester of Salt Lake City, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, and Rabbi David Saperstein are announcing Sept. 9 the start of a monthlong campaign to organize faith groups to advocate for immigration reform. According to the press release: ‘As Election Day nears, hateful rhetoric towards immigrants […]

  • Teresa

    In conversation with some of my sisters and brothers in Christ who receive His Body and Blood with me daily at the altar,I have had to interject that rigidity of purpose in executing immigration laws is one of the most undignified and anti-life actions.
    People flee situations that are most time oppressive,deplorable and inhuman,and come to what they consider the ‘land of milk and honey’,only to be greeted with stern,sometimes purposefully cruel immigration agents who are totally unaware as to why these souls lie,or produce false documents to enter our land.
    There are agents who make a living scheming on ‘poor,helpless’ people internationally,taking large sums of money from them,that family members run into grave difficulty paying off,in order to gain the freedom they envisage in the great USof A! These poor souls are ripped off,being fed with false documents procured by these thriving bandits!
    Others,hungry and oppressed pay money for travel by some means viz.boat,train,car to cross borders to gai their freedom.
    Why do we greet these people with guns and place them in a holding cell? Aren’t we a CIVIL society founded on Christian bases?
    No it is greed,arrogance,selfishness and indifferentism towards others that brings this on.
    Why can’t we do like some of the other civil countries in Europe now do,treat these folks with care and compassion and put them in appropriate housing complexes,until they can be psychologically and legally counselled and determine their state.
    It is a cruel and selfish act to place someone who is running away from political distresses and seeking political asylum here to retrun them immediately to their homeland…..they are usually killed and or tortured with their families.
    I want to remind others that Jesus,Mary and Joseph were REFUGEES in the land of Egypt…..the angel said to Joseph,’take the child and his mother and flee into Egypt’!What would have been the fate of Jesus if the Egyptians had deported Him back to Nazareth in Judea?.
    How many times do we turn away the Child Jesus and His Mother ?
    seems 79