A woman vice president? Sure. A woman pastor? Not likely.

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c. 2008 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ There may never be a female pastor leading Tony Perkins’ Southern Baptist congregation in Louisiana, but there could be a woman taking over the vice president’s mansion in Washington. And as Perkins sees it, there’s no contradiction there whatsoever. “It’s not a spiritual role,” said Perkins, president of […]

  • Marsha Christ

    Presently before the American people are two presidential candidates who both claim they are Christians. One is a well known White Republican man ,John Mccain and the other is a Black Democratic man by the name of Barack Obama. It seems people dont understand the Power of the Press or Golden Rules which is those who are in charge i.e., conservative republicans. Here are some questions question I would like asked of the candidates 1.Does Sen. Obama and Sen. Mc Cain really believe in the King James Version of the Holy Bible? 2. Is it a form of Subliminal Religion Fraud of We the People who have seen all Public Officals take their Oaths of office upon a King James Version of the Holy Bible. 3) Do we in America have a GOD’s name to claim; or do our Public official just use the name of GOD in Vain? 4) What is the name of the GOD America Trust: Jesus Christ, the Almighty Buck, Uncle Sam, or God Damn? 5) How come Sen. McCain has not told us the name of his God; did he ever claim or actually say its Jesus Christ? 6) If the Bible could be proved as True; but grossly Miss Understood; i.e., would that be Bad News or Good News aka the Gospel for we the people? 7) According to Rev. 6:5-8 Is Sen. Obama; the Stallion or Black Horse with Balances in Hand;. Are Sen. McCain and Sara Palin the Paleface Horse or Mavericks that followed and bible calls Hell and Death 8) If Satan His/Herself is Risen and Comes before the US Supreme Court with the Bible in Hand; could s/he claim that due to the 1st AMENdment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” they are in Breach of Contract, Honor, Oaths and Promises that our forefathers all sworn on the Bible? 9) If Satan is in the Flesh of a Sioux Native American Indian; would she be entitled to Return of all Land and 1/3 credit for every penny that has “In GOD We Trust” depicted upon it. 10) If it can be proved using the Bible; that GOD Almighty is actually a Female Spirit or Goddess, thats Black and Fat as Aunt Jemima grinning at us on the pancake box (Job 42:14-15) and God’s daughter is Kizzy from the mini series Root mean GOD or our Momma is So Fat that even Jesus Christ himself calls Her our Fat Her who Art in Heaven? Peace out

  • James H. Logan, Sr.

    The Kingdom of God is not a democracy; it is a kingdom in which its king rules by true divine right, forever.Its servants serve at the pleasure of its king, He calls them individually to specific places in his kingdom to do His will. He pours out his Holy Spirit on his kingdom subjects to accomplish his will. Through this promised comforter, this Holy Spirit, he leads and directs his people into all righteousness for his name’s sake.In these last days, starting with Pentecost, according to Peter echoing the prophecy of Joel, His spirit has been poured out upon all people. “your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”So the question of women in ministry is not one of entitlement; it is one of being called and directed by our sovereign. Our acceptance of them is likewise a response to the same spirit whom we trust to guide us.

  • Adelle,
    Brilliant article.
    No one else has taken up that obvious angle.
    It raises all the questions you address.

  • Marsha Christ

    But the question that is raised; is where is the Female gender, in a Father, Son and Holy Ghost Religion….Didnt GOD say; we are made in GOD’s image of Male and Female made he them? How can you even Have a Father, or Son unless the Holy Host is a Mother or Daughter. The problem now and always has been the Men in charge of teaching the Bible; have ignored the voice of his wife, or the female since Adam added to the word of GOD; and confused Eve to the point that she didnt know serpents naturally touch trees, don’t like fruit and prefer flesh blood and meat. So in closing; Why do you think GOD prepared a Place for the Woman; and gave her Both wings of a great Eagle to Fly into Her Place. Are Christian men offended by the fact;that GOD is Black and is a Female Spirit or Holy Hostess whose womb all men come which included Jesus Christ himself?

  • John

    As to the last post well read your Bible. Either you believe in the Word of the Lord or you mock it as you have done. As for a woman being VP well women need to learn in America to honor and serve the Lord not their so called careers. They are taken from man not man from women. And the man is to be head over the women as Christ is over His Church. Busybodies who should be taking care of their own homes, being led from the truth by Satan as they were in the beginning.