McCain’s trifecta

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Want an explanation for John McCain’s surge in the polls? He’s hit a trifecta in the evangelical derby, says Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Lugo said McCain’s performance at Pastor Rick Warren’s forum at Saddleback, his steering (or rather Phyllis Schafly’s steering) of the […]

  • Ed R

    The Catholic Bishops are a bunch of theological idiots!! The murdering of over 50 million babies IS the number one issue until abortion is banned!! God help our blind shepherds!!

  • “56 percent of white evangelicals said in March 2007 that it’s a “bad thing” for mothers with young children to work outside the home. They were the only religious group in which a majority held that view. And yet they love Palin. Go figure.”

    It’s a simple one. In this case, the father will be home with the family.