Whom do you fear more?

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Jewish question.jpeg“Governor Palin scares the hell out of me,” former New York mayor Ed Koch told the Jewish Week‘s James Besser this week. And as Besser reports, there seems little question that like Koch (who supported President Bush in 2004), a lot of Jewish voters feel the same way. Students of the subject agree that nothing has done more to keep Jews voting Democratic since the end of the Reagan era than the power of the religious right in the GOP, and Palin is the religious right incarnate.
Under the circumstances, it is no surprise to learn that anti-Obama push-polling is going forward in swing states with significant Jewish populations–push polling that makes various false claims to demonstrate that Obama is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. Will a goosed-up Obamaphobia trump a palintensified antipathy to political evangelicalism? That’s the unlovely Jewish Question of the day.
Update: Politico’s got the skinny on the anti-Obama telephoning–push-polling may not be le mot juste. Whatever you call it, it’s coming from the Republican Jewish Coalition.