Church of England apologizes to Darwin

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LONDON-Some 126 years after Charles Darwin’s death, the Church of England has gone into 21st-century cyberspace to issue an official apology to the naturalist for its own 19th-century “misunderstanding” over his theory of evolution.

  • barbara rosetta dees

    My comment about “that it is proper for any and all Christian churches to apoligize for its misunderstanding of ‘evolution’ because the mere fact of the statement ‘Christian’; ‘resurrection’
    ‘renewed’; and other words that I cannot yet state until My own manuscript is published this Christmas”. Moreover, I believe that Darwin, and many scientists are in agreement with the Christian faith. The separation between church and state laws in the U.S. is also in need of study in order to make a firm foundation of what holds true and what is supposition, based on misunderstanding of Christian doctrine. Please keep Me on active E-mail and active philosopic and active evolution and science and Christian and other religions correspondence in all forms. I pray, act, do and evolve for Universal Peace. Love Peace for this is Truth, Barbara Rosetta.