Catholic Democrats find strong push-back from bishops

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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) Bishop Robert Morlino rarely criticizes politicians by name from his pulpit in Madison, Wis., but he was “worked up” about what he saw on NBC’s “Meet the Press” the morning of Sept. 7. Sen. Joe Biden, a Catholic Democrat, had explained why he opposes outlawing abortion and said there […]

  • Hannah

    The Bishop’s are conflicted on the state of life. They argue that all abortion–at every stage of conception–is a sin against life but they do not condemn war or nuclearization that guarantees the mass loss of life or capital punishment. It is the inconsistency that confuses and the inconsistency of their ‘life’ arguments that confuse the people.

  • Let’s be humble here…….

    .Hannah –The Bishops are very well trained in morality, logic, theology and the finer points of determining what is right to do in difficult moral dilemmas. Most of us are not.The way a mathematician can balance mathematical equations and a brain surgeon can dissect brain tissue, Bishops can balance moral equations and advise us on the right thing to do in sticky moral situations. There is a difference between the loss of soldiers — adult trained army volunteer life– for the sake of a national defense action, and the loss of non-volunteer innocent life — infants, children, mothers, and unborn infants. There is also the issue of numbers — 1,000 soldiers per year versus 1 million unborn infants per year. One thousand times more. But theoretically, numbers do not affect the moral value (or lack of) in a moral equation. Just because most of us get NO training in these areas does not mean that no expert knowledge exists and that we should have untrained secular people expressing their opinions on complex sticky moral issues without consulting any experts. Most of us don’t have any credible input on the solution of complex mathematical equations, we don’t have expertise on brain surgery, and we similarly don’t have any expertise on balancing tricky moral equations. When are people going to realize that the Bishops are highly trained experts whom we need as much as we need physicists and surgeons, and that we should not presume to dismiss, criticize and correct what we do not completely understand? Rather than jumping on Bishops with our strong opinions, why don’t we try asking the Bishops to explain how they arrived at their conclusions and their recommendations? The Bishops I know are very patient and very happy to do that, if anybody ever gave them the chance. .

  • You are confusing the issue for your own secular ideas. The Bishops are speaking about the Catholic Church’s dogma. Abortion is a SIN. If you belong to a club you have to obey the rules. It is the same for professed Catholics. They must adhere to the Dogma and teaching of the Church, or they are “put out”! Excommunicated. The morality of a Catholic doesn’t stop the moment he enters Washington. However, it appears that Biden, Pelosi and their ilk have left their consciences convienently at the door for political gain. It will not wash with real Catholics, only >CINO’s”.

  • Let’s be humble here…….

    George -Pulling rank or authority on people does not help them to advance toward Truth, in fact it tends to alienate them.
    God is not arbitrary, His laws are not arbitrary, and His laws are made for our good. It is easier for people to understand God’s laws when they are explained, rather than dictated. Bishop Morlino takes that route. Jesus used many parables in an effort to explain the law of God.
    Modern parables, and a loving educational approach are used by many in our Church, including our Pope many of our best Bishops.So, although much of what you say might be true and you will find little argument from me, I believe that the tone we must take is one of teaching and explanation rather than a didactic one, if we want people to understand. Two plus two might equal four, but a student might remember that lesson better (and might even begin to love mathematics) if you explain it patiently on your fingers, rather than if you state it didactically without explanation. My main point is that we listen to the Bishops and to the Catholic Church not because we belong to an illogical didactic club, but because our Church holds the Word of God, the Truth, and represents the voice of Reason. Our Church, representing Christ, is always loving, patient, forgiving and reasonable. It’s laws are made for our own good and happiness, and that is an important aspect of God that we must explain to people who think of religion as blind irrational folly.Religion is very rational, reasonable, loving and logical. Religion welcomes discussion and explanation and seeks to enlighten all who have ears. The only caveat is that the students have to respect the teacher — the Pope and the Bishops — just as they respect the math, physics and medical professors and experts. It is AFTER they have sought and received an explanation that they should feel free to leave the Church if they still disagree — not BEFORE. .

  • Michael Forrest

    The bishops are right to step up and clarify Church teaching when politicians muddy the waters. Since the writing of the Didache in the first centur A.D., the Church has unequivocally opposed abortion:” do not murder a child by abortion or kill a newborn infant…”, one cannot help but notice the subtle, liberal bias in this article. For instance, the Catholic organization “Fidelis” is described as “conservative”. However, Catholics United is portrayed as completely “non-partisan”.After looking over Catholics United’s website, it seems quite a stretch to call them “non-partisan.” The home page is filled with subtle and not-so-subtle postings designed to make Democrats look more acceptable from a Catholic viewpoint and to make Republicans look less so.