Pastors launch challenge of IRS rules on endorsements

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c. 2008 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ Pastor Gus Booth remembers when he used to simply encourage his congregation of 150 in Warroad, Minn., to vote each Election Day. Now, he thinks it’s important to tell them which candidate should get their vote. On Sunday (Sept. 28), as part of the “Pulpit Initiative” organized by […]

  • Roy Jones

    Warn all the Christian People who are supporting John McCain.
    “McCain and family are involved in providing a product “BEER” an Alcoholic Beverage to the American Public, that causes more Pain to People and Families, than any other product in the USA.
    Christians need to search their BIBLES: Hab. 2:15, “Woe unto him that giveth his neighbor drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!”
    Is. 5:11-14 teaches that Hell had to be enlarged because of the drinking of alcoholic beverage.
    There are many more teachings in the Bible about alcohol consumption and those who provide this evil drink.
    Christians must to be made aware of this: They will be held accountable for their actions:

  • JW

    The Bible warns of the destruction of Babylon the Great, which careful study of the scriptures shows to be the world empire of false religion. Government will turn on religion, leading to out-and-out chaos worldwide.True Christians are neutral in all political arenas, as Jesus was neutral in any politics having to do with world governments. This is proven when we read his words: My kingdom is no part of this world. Any religious person who shows partiality, supports and endorses ANY political candidate has proven themselves a fighter against God and Christ.I say let the IRS remove their tax exempt status… let the religions of the world who have supported wars and devastating economic practices by nature of their elicit relationship with government (in the account of Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation, Christendom/World Religion is depicted as a whore) be paid in full for their fornication.It’s going to happen eventually… why not simply speed things up?

  • Mr Neutral

    Dear JW,By having an opinion of what the IRS should or shouldnt do you have ceased to be neutral. We cannot “speed things up”. Things will happen at GOD’S appointed time. We cannot change it to be sooner or later.

  • JW

    Having an opinion means I cease to be neutral? That’s very literal and narrow-minded thinking. And who’s to say what we think of as speeding up isn’t actually a part of God’s plan? He is, after all, the ultimate time keeper.

  • Richard L Brown

    Yeah JW, Please make sure that when you are quoting scripture that you include Book, Chapter, Versus. This shows you are getting it from the bible and not basing it on “your own” opinion. Let me show you how. I’ll paste a post( I made on this very same subject months ago about Gus Booth dated July 12 2008:Being a bible student myself…Mr Gus Booth, and the other pastors would be at fault for losing there churches-Here’s why. First, Jesus said his people would be peaceable(Mat. 5:9) Next, Paul said to be “peaceable with ALL men” (Rom 12:18). You can’t be peaceable if your getting involved in politics. Next, Jesus withdrew to the mountains when the Jews where going to seize him to make him a King(John 6:15) Next point, Mr Gus Booth, according to Luke 4:5,6 who do the kingdoms/Governments belong too? Satan-Right! So why are you even getting involved in politics? Mr Gus Booth, Go ahead and push the envelope on this one. The first half of Mat 24:14 has been fulfilled and it’s time to move on to the tribulation. “She has fallen, Babylon the Great has fallen”(Rev 18:2) Remember HIS people are a peace loving people(Isa 2:4)Let me come at this from a different agle also. Get your Bible and turn to Dan 2:44. It’s says: And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall BREAK in pieces and consume(Destroy) all these kingdoms(Governments), and it shall stand for ever.(KJV) Here’s another point:Rev 17:10,11 And they are seven kings; the five(Egypt, Assyria, Babylon,Medo-Persia,Greece) have come to an end, the one(Rome) is, the other(Duel Anglo American world power of the United States and Great Britain) has not come; and when he comes, he will have to go on for a little time.And the beast which was, and is not, is himself the eighth(United Nations), and is of the seven; and he goes into destruction.(BBE)So go ahead Gus Booth and pastors PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE push the envelope on this one.By Richard Brown on Jul 12, 2008 See how easy that is. Shows I did the research and not my own words. Enjoy the post everyone. Make sure you check out the other one I left too-it’s right belowchow

  • Richard Brown

    Question: Should Christians Vote.There are clear principles set out in the Bible that allow Christians to make a proper decision in this matter. However, there appears to be no principle against the practice of voting itself. For example, when a board of directors has to take a vote regarding decisions affecting there company there is no reason why they can’t do this..So now the question becomes what about voting in political elections? As for Christians they would not try and interfere with the rights of others to vote; neither would they campaign in anyway to prevent others from voting in a political election.(Rom 12:18) A Christian respects and cooperates with the authorities who are duly elected in such elections(Romans 13:1-7) As to whether the Christian will vote for someone running in an election, each Christian has to make a decision based on his bible-trained conscience with the understanding of his responsibility to God and the State.(Matt 22:21; 1 Pet 3:16). In making this decision, a Christian has to consider a number of factors. First, Jesus Christ said that “his” followers would be no part of the world, just as he is no part of the world(John 17:14) Serious Christians take this principle very seriously. Being “no part of the world” they would be neutral in all political affairs of the world just as Christ was.(John 18:36)Second, the apostle Paul referred to himself as an “ambassador” to Christ to the people of his day(Eph. 6:20; 2 Cor 5:20) Christian ambassadors are expected to be neutral and not interfere in the internal affairs of the countries in with they live. Serious Christians put there trust in the Heavenly Kingdom(Mat 6:9.10; Mat 24:14; Rev 11:15) and as such they have an obligation to stay out of the political affairs of the country in which they live.The third factor that should be considered is that the Christian may become responsible for the actions of the person they voted for.(1 Tim 5:22) Ask yourself, is this person going to do something that would violate a bible based principle-Example, the taking of another human life in war or other means, or would they allow abortions or gay marriages. A Christian would do well to consider carefully whether they want to shoulder that responsibility.The forth factor, Christians should understand the importance of Christian unity.(Col 3:14; 1 Cor 1:10). As we can see from the world we live in getting involved in politics has done nothing more than to cause divisions among it members. So, in imitation of Jesus Christ, real followers of Christ would avoid becoming involved in politics and thus maintain there Christian unity.(Mat 12:25; John 6:15; 18:36,37)The fifth and finally point-keeping out of politics gives Christian Ambassadors the freeness of speech to approach people of all political persuasions about the important message of God’s Government.-Heb 10:35; Dan 2:44In conclusion, what ever decision a Christian makes, they would take care to try and preserve there Christian neutrality and freeness of speech(hint, hint). If the churches insist on violating Federal Law, and there money and churches are then then taken away they have only themselves to blame for it-Rom.13:1-2 please read the “last” versus very carefully.

  • Richard L Brown Jr

    Uh Excuse me….Mr Roy JonesI think I need to set you straight also. Get your bible please. What was the “first” miricle Jesus performed? You can find the answer to this at John 2:7-10. Get the point. Here’s another one for you.Turn to Psalm 104:15:And “wine” that makes the heart of mortal man rejoice, To make the face shine with oil, And bread that sustains the very heart of mortal man.Here’s one last Scripture for you Mr Jones. Please look up 1 Tim. 5:23, Here let me help you, I’ll paste it:(1 Timothy 5:23)Do not drink water any longer, but use a little “wine” for the sake of your stomach and your frequent cases of sickness.Clearly the bible doesn’t condem the use of Alchohol. It just condems getting drunk. Look up 1 Cor 6:9-11.I can be such a butt hole at times.

  • Mr Neutral

    JW said: — Having an opinion means I cease to be neutral? That’s very literal and narrow-minded thinking. And who’s to say what we think of as speeding up isn’t actually a part of God’s plan? He is, after all, the ultimate time keeper.
    ——–Yes, voicing an opinion absolutely showes that you no longer take a neutral stance on an issue. You cannot say, “Here’s what I think the IRS should do, or, This is what GW Bush should do on this issue..” and then end your opinion by saying, “but really Im neutral on this issue.” ??? WHAT? Really? You’re neutral? If you are truly neutral regarding the politics of this world you dont offer an opinion of what any part of the government should or should not do on political issues. THAT’S neutrality.

  • JW

    Again, narrow-minded thinking. Having an opinion doesn’t mean you’re taking action or sides, it simply means you have an opinion. Just because I prefer not to listen to rap music doesn’t mean I’m going to remove it from the airwaves… it simply means I have an opinion.Same with the IRS. Would I like them to do it? Absolutely. Do I think they will? No. It doesn’t concern me. That’s neutral.