Update on the Jewish Vote

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The American Jewish Committee’s annual survey of Jewish opinion, taken Sept. 8-21, has Obama up over McCain 57 percent to 30 percent. Apportioning the undecideds, that’s 65-35–higher than I’m predicting but not by a lot. The survey period includes McCain’s current high water mark; he’d be doing a few points worse if the entire survey were taken in the past few days. As expected, Jewish voters turn out to heartily approve Obama’s choice of Joe Biden (73-15), and disapprove of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin (54-37). Palin’s numbers seem unlikely to get any better; I’d guess worse. The Orthodox love McCain, supporting him at a 78 percent clip; but they constitute only eight percent of the community. Just a bit more than a quarter of the others support him. Jewish question of the day: Will Sarah Silverman move the needle?

  • elisabeth

    I think it’s a question of getting more Jews used to voting for someone named Barack. I applaud Silverman’s efforts but she says the name’s Hebrew ancestor, Baruch, means “lightning” instead of the even more appropriate “blessed.” For research on Obama’s name, see David Scheim’s article in the Washington Post: