Gay what?

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This election season I’ve been struck by the fading force of gay marriage as a political rallying cry. WaPo reports today that the gay marriage ban is losing out badly in the polls even as its proponents have raised more money than the other side. John McCain got his “from conception” licks in at Saddleback, but Pastor Rick had nary a word to say on the value issue of the moment facing Golden State voters. Here’s the Palin campaign dodging the issue. I don’t say the religious right has folded their tent on this one, but man, it seems like they’ve recognized that, for the American public at large, it’s rapidly turning into a loser. Since Massachusetts, Chicken Little, the sky has not fallen, and everyone knows it. What a difference four years makes.

  • Rob Winslow

    Here in FL the issue of gay marriage–and the recognition of any union of two people (heterosexual or not)–is on the Nov. ballot as a single issue. There’s a lot of effort on both sides, with polls showing about 55-57% in favor of the constitutional amendment to ban such marriages and the recognition of such unions (60% required for passage of any FL constitutional amendment). See for the efforts of those of us opposing the amendment.