Supplications for Sister Sarah

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You’ve already read in this space how a Pentecostal pastor from Kenya prayed over Sarah Palin to protect her from witchcraft. Now, on these shores, Americans are praying to protect the GOP VP nominee from electoral defeat. The folks over at seem pretty confident that the Alaska governor is headed for the vice president’s […]

  • All I can say is Lord save us from Sarah Palin. Did you note the disclaimer at the bottom of the site? “This website has been created by volunteers for the sole purpose of generating prayer for our national leaders and is not affiliated with any political party.” Well they may not be affiliated with the McCain/Palin campaign but they sure are supporting it in a very big way. When you listen to the videos from the two business executives, it is quite clear the only national leaders they want you to pray for are Sarah Palin and John McCain. I think someone should remind Ms. Palin that true Christians do not spread rumors and falsehoods and deceptions against their fellow man as she has done by implying that Barack Obama is “palling” around with a domestic terrorist. I take comfort in knowing that come judgment day the Lord will give Ms. Palin and her ilk the justice they deserve.