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Progressive Catholic groups say a pastoral letter issued by Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton is conspicuously silent on issues other than abortion. “Being `right’ on taxes, education,health care, immigration and the economy fails to make up for the error of disregarding human life,” the bishop writes. The letter, which Martino ordered all his priests to […]

  • Scranton native

    The effect of this letter will be undercut by the fact that Martino is exceedingly unpopular with the priests and people of his diocese, who would dearly love to see him go. Watch the election returns from the heavily Catholic city of Scranton and see how seriously the bishop is taken.

  • Asinus Gravis

    I can’t help but wonder which lives the bishop is so concerned about respecting.

    Does it include the Iraqi civilians? the Afghani civilians? the Pakistani civilians? our soldiers sent in harm’s way? the homeless all over the world? the blighted lives of the victims of sexual abuse? those without decent health care? those scheduled to be executed in our prisons?

    Does the bishop really take seriously a consistent ethic of life? Or is he a right wing Republican political wanna-be?