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Nashville.jpg9:02. A long list of excellent question, if I do say so myself.
9:03. Smiley faces.
9:08. Warren Buffet as Secy of Treasury! Or maybe Meg Whitman could auction off all those bad mortgages on EBay!
9:15. You love Fannie. No you love Fannie.
9:17. I wrote a letter. No I wrote a letter.
9:20. Blame to go around, but the GOP deserves a lot more.
9:21. OMG McC mentioned campaign finance reform!
9:23. McC won’t do priorities. He will reach across the aisle to Joe Lieberman. The bus aisle?
9:25. O will prioritize. Energy, health care, education.
9:28. Sacrifices? Will McC name something to eliminate? Something in defense, unspecified. And earmarks, even good ones! Especially O’s Chicago projector. That’s the one specific.
9:30. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t go shopping? Energy conservation at home. That’s a species of sacrifice. Service.
9:33. More sacrificing from O.
9:35. O as Herbert Hoover–wow.
9:40. Social security not that tough. Medicare needs a commission.
9:43. I’m green. Nuclear power is the greenest. Hey, Nevada!
9:45. Not just nuclear, say O.
9:49. Drill, baby, drill.
9:51. Uh-oh. The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t like McC’s health care plan.
9:53. Will McC admit that he will tax health benefits? Kinda. Choice, baby, choice.
9:55. McC won’t say health care is a right. It’s a responsibility–of someone.
9:56. O says it should be a right. You will have to get your children insured. Whomps McC with the dereg stick.
9:59. Force for Good. That’s US. I think he’s serving O a softball.
10:01. Yes. $700B already in Iraq, which we didn’t need to.
10:04. Obama Doctrine? Moral imperatives count, not just security interests. But limited resources. So it’s working with others.
10:06. When I hear “My Friends,” I reach for my gun. McCain doctrine? Bringing troops home with victory and honor.
10:08. Pakistan, here we come? Yes, if we can get Osama.
10:11. McC will too, but won’t announce it. LIke during this debate. Work with the rough trade in Waziristan.
10:13. O followup–McCain doesn’t speak softly. Kinda true, Barbara Ann.
10:15. McC followup–just joking.. I’ll get Osama but I won’t telegraph my punches.
10:18. Surgathon, Afghani style.
10:19. No cold war redux, saith McC. Ukraine. Moral support must be forthcoming. Hope for leverage.
10:21. Russia resurgens. Evil or not. O: evil behavior. McC: maybe.
10:25. Iran attacks Israel. We wait on UN? McC no. League of Extraordinary Democracies v. Iran. Never Again. O: no Persian nukes. No military options off the table. Prevent Defense best. Direct talks ok.
10:29. The first Zen question. What don’t you know, and how will you learn it? O: Zen answer: it’s what the president doesn’t know that will happen, and we don’t know what we don’t know. On to the restoration of the American dream. McC: we don’t know what will happen, or where it will happen. His father was all at sea. I know tough times. Country first. Bye.

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  • Mark Silk

    Sorry, but “live blog” is the phrase being used here–a common expression for providing a running web commentary on a debate or other public event. In this case, it was a live blog on “Nashville”–the presidential debate held there between Barack Obama and John McCain. The headline has nothing to do with “Nashville Live.”