Oh, Canada

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geoduck.jpgMy friend Doug Todd, the prizewinning religion writer for the Vancounver Sun, has been catching holy hell for blogging in a less than positive way about his gubernatorial neighbor to the north, Sarah Palin. As in:

I work closely with evangelicals, but I’m always been bothered by the way a minority of evangelicals, especially American evangelicals, overplay the persecution card. Palin seems to be one of them, as displayed by her willingness to call critics “haters.” Why that kind of moralistic rebuttal?

Intrepid reporter that he is, Doug has determined that in all her 44 years, Palin has managed to visit Canada only once, on a recent trade mission to the booming metropolis of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory–though she presumably has witnessed that foreign land on the odd flyover. Anyway, for the view from the ever-civil land of geoducks, ginseng, and gooseneck barnacles, check out Todd’s blog, The Search. HIs latest Palinpost concludes:

As a somewhat amusing aside, if Americans who like Palin don’t want to see Obama as their president, maybe B.C. should adopt him. A recent Ipsos-Reid poll showed 80 per cent of British Columbians would vote for him as president. Talk about overwhelming – the difference between B.C. and much of the rest of North America.
(The strange thing is that some of those British Columbians who are ready to vote for Obama must be the same ones who are planning to cast a prime minisetrial vote for Conservative Stephen Harper, an evangelical who would be closer to Palin than Obama in his theology and politics. Harper’s support in B.C. is well above 35 per cent. Go figure.)