Have a Good Fast

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And for those of you not observing Yom Kippur, take a look at “The Young and the Faithful,” a new survey released today by Faith in Public Life. Among the notable findings: Young evangelicals don’t seem to be swept away by Obama. Young Catholics are. and young Catholics are way liberal. Bear in mind that the survey was taken during what may turn out to have been the McCain campaign’s high water mark. A pre-debate snapshot.

  • Thank you for posting this!
    It’s always interesting to see how the “Young & Faithful” view these viewpoints.
    I am a Catholic… and am supporting Obama…
    There is no doubt that the upcoming Presidential election is proving to be one of tremendous consequence on a variety of issues; issues that are core to our Catholic faith, issues that will have significant impact on us, future generations and the future of our country.
    If you care to extend the dialog at all… feel free to visit our site… we are polling the Catholic community on their vote, and look forward to hearing other opinions too!