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9:03. Something we haven’t heard. What could that be? The plans.
9:04. McC. Nancy in hospital. Angry, angry angry. Fannie, Freddie to blame. Homeowners first. Not country?
9:05 O. Fundamentals not good, remember John?
9:07: Joe Wurzelburger in Ohio didn’t want O’s tax plan. O against American Dream. McC going for Joe the Plumber’s vote.
9:09. O. Joe the Plumber.
9:11. McC. Joe the Plumber. No class warfare. Joe the Plumber.
9:12. Warren Buffet pays, Joe the Plumber doesn’t.
9:14. O cuts subsidies to insurance companies. Any objections? Pay now, save later.
9:16. McC back to homeownership. That’s a cut? Nuclear power. Wind tide solar offshore drilling. Millions of jobs. Across the board spending freeze. First hatchet, then scalpel. Bam! Slice! Ethanol bad. No tariff on Brazil sugar ethanol. Iowa’s gone anyway.
9:20. O on Bush deficits. McC is not Pres. Bush. Hatchet and scalpel.
9:22. What’s up with McC’s little interruptions?
9:23. McC. I got the scars to prove my disagreements.
9:25. Bad, bad campaigns. Fess up. McC. Wouldn’t be bad if there were town meetings. I think we’ve heard that before. But I regret John Lewis. I’ve repudiated everything on my side. He’s more negative. Public financing.
9:27. O tough is tough. Let’s talk policy.
9:30. McC you’re running more negative ads.
9:31. Your running mate didn’t stop the shouts.
9:33. McC I’m proud of people who come to our rallies. A few bad apples. Don’t attack my people.
9:34. Smirking’s the answer?
9:35. Ayers! ACORN!
9:36. O’s Ayers story. ACORN story.
9:39. McC We need all the facts, but not O’s facts. But my campaign’s not about that.
9:40. Running mates. Uh oh. O Biden the best. Knows it all, knows where he comes from. For the little guy.
9:42. McC Palin a role model and reformer. Money back to taxpayers. Fresh of Breath Air. Understand special needs.
9:44. Palin qualified to be president? O doesn’t say. Biden? McC yes but he’s been wrong a lot. I guess Troopergate goes by the boards.
9:47. Oil. McC Nukes. Wind Tide Solar Natural Gas Cleancoal.
9:48. O ten years the time frame. Solar Wind Biodiesal.
9:51. Drill baby drill. Colombia.
9:54. Fuel efficient cars.
9:55. Colombia again. O as Hoover again!
9:56. Health care.
9:59. McC Obesity. 5K. Joe the Plumber again. Joe doesn’t want to pay O’s fine.
10:00. O Small businesses exempted from having to pay into a kitty. Stick a fork in the McC health plan.
10:03. McC Joe you’re rich. Huh? Benefits taxed, yes; but you’ll get 5k on top of that. Senator Govt.
10:06. Abortion and the Court. McC no litmus test. I’m a federalist.
10:09. O no litmus test either. Thinks Roe rightly decided. Right to privacy is in Constitution. Fat in fire. PIvots to equal pay case. Pretty good move.
10:11. McC O very very bad on abortion. And on voting present.
10:14. O common ground on abortion. What he should have said at Saddleback.
10:15. McC The Eloquence of Obama. Eloquence bad.
10:16. Education. O big deal. More money and reform. Parents need to belly up.
10:18. Civil rights issue of the 21st century. Choice baby choice. Charter baby charter.
10:20. O Local control good, feds help. No money left behind. Charter schools good. Teacher accountability. Vouchers not so good. Somebody’s got to pay for good stuff.
10:24. Autism bad. Vouch baby vouch.
10:25. McCain can’t control himself.
10:27. Final Statements. McC I Am Reform.
10:28. McC Choice baby choice. Country first. McCains do that.
10:29. O Biggest risk is same old same old. Brighter days ahead. No quick and easy. Over and out.

  • Sherry

    It’s a picky thing but…Gov. Palin’s baby has Down Syndrome, NOT autism. Two very different conditions. McCain’s blinking, grimacing and sighing made him look like an irritated old man. Perhaps he was. I don’t think that this debate will change anyone’s mind. McCain did not likely impress anyone but those already in his corner. He needed a homerun, Obama needed to remain level headed and seem presidential, and he did.

  • Ted Olsen

    Didn’t learn much from the debate itself, but then came here and found out that The Incredible Hulk blogs.
    Or should I say:
    Hulk Blog!
    Mark, love the blog. The liveblog entries, not so much.

  • Mark Silk

    Um, me too, Ted. Tonight anyway. Thanks.

  • Asinus Gravis

    My friends, the big thing about last night’s debate seems to have been largely missed by many, including you.
    Senator McCain was unusually friendly with Senator Obama. They eagerly shook hands at the beginning of the debate. McCain was so anxious to shake Obama’s hand he even skipped over shaking the hand of the moderator. Then they frequently expressly agreed with each other during the debate. Sure, they disagreed on a few “in house” issues. They looked at each other and smiled. They spoke directly to each other. Then at the conclusion of the debate they almost hugged each other and effusively expressed congratulations to each other on how well they had done.
    They have been seen together a number of times in recent weeks, working together to try to help solve the problems confronting our country. They have been hanging out together more and more lately.
    Now we all know that Senator Obama has been “paling around with terrorists.” Now, Senator McCain is paling around with Senator Obama. Thus, it follows that Senator McCain must be a terrorist too–just like Senator Obama is.
    So which ever one wins the election in November, our next President will be a terrorist.
    In other words, THE TERRORISTS HAVE WON!!!
    And you thought the economy was our biggest problem.