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OK, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring as WWJD, but Who Would Jed Bartlet vote for? Martin Sheen discusses faith, politics, Catholicism and abortion in a series of videos put up by the Matthew 25 Network. The shortest one (and quickest to watch) can be found here (along with others), but I thought […]

  • Fred Winters

    Matthew 25 Network: trying to make Obama’s infanticide palatable to Christians.

    Matthew 25 Network is a far left political group that the Democrats put in place to combat their lack of support from Christians. They use Christian sounding words and phrases while repeating the usual lies about Obama and about McCain. Obama’s lies about his infanticide vote are exposed for all to see at bornalivetruth.org

    I wonder if Obama lived during the times of slavery, if he would support a “Christian group” that tried to use the Bible to support slavery. They could say “Many pro-freedom for slaves advocacy efforts have focused on the legal status of slavery, rather than addressing prevention of people wanting slaves and the needs of plantation owners and families. This has intensified the division and partisanship around this issue, but has little effect at reducing the slavery rate itself.”

    Then they could go on to say Obama would provide tax cuts and health insurance to middle class slave owners on plantations, and that will do more to decrease slavery than all this silly partisan fighting about the “laws” making slavery legal.