Dreher bails

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Here’s the Crunchy Con a month and a half ago:

If the GOP was the party only of Mitt Romney, of Rudy Giuliani, of George W. Bush and, indeed, of John McCain, who could blame disillusioned conservatives for sitting out this race? The Republicans deserve to lose this year.
But now we know that it’s also the party of Sarah Palin, the kind of conservative that Barack Obama pitied earlier this year as “clinging” to her God, her guns and her traditions because she doesn’t know any better. In her convention speech, Ms. Palin threw his condescension back in his face.
She’s a fighter, this one. And worth fighting for. Come what may in November, we now know what the future of the GOP and the conservative movement looks like.

Today it’s: “Palin flames out; can Huck pick up torch?” At least with Huck, there won’t be any clinging to Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Atelier.

  • Asinus Gravis

    Last November, I believe it was, Dreher’s paper–the “Dallas Morning News”–endorsed Huckabee and Obama as the best candidates in their respective parties. Dreher likely had input into that decision. More recently it has endorsed McCain for the election; again he likely had input into the decision.
    He would have been wiser to have stayed consistent all the way through with Obama.
    For what it is worth, Palin is not “the kind of conservative that …cling[s] to her God, her guns and her traditions.” Well, maybe her guns; but she switched churches when it became politically expedient, and she left her soccer mom “traditions” on the rack at Nieman’s and Sak’s.