Swinging Obamawards

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The latest Quinnipiac polls of FL, OH, and PA show the regional bifurcation of the white evangelical vote that I’ve been postulating: 71-23 in FL but 63-32 in PA and 59-32 in Ohio. That Ohio number goes a ways towards explaining why Quin has Obama upby 14 in Buckeye State. The most striking news is that in FL, where Obama’s ahead by five, Jews are backing him by a whopping 77-20. Oy, schleppers! As for Catholics, they love Obama in PA (55-38), in Ohio not so much (46-46). (Always bear in mind that a lot of Ohio Catholics are German Republican types in the Cincinnati area.)

  • Ronald Kiener

    I expect Obama to win the Jewish vote — nationally and in Florida — but not by this much. I’m looking more towards a 65-35 spread, which would underperform Clinton, Gore, and Kerry by a significant amount. Surprisingly, 64-35 is what Dukakis got in 1988 against Bush 41. I don’t think Obama will do better than Dukakis.