Memoir traces Anne Rice’s rejection, and embrace, of faith

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c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW ORLEANS _ “I’m not a natural memoir writer,” said Anne Rice. “I’m a natural fiction writer. In fiction you can resolve a lot of things, but writing a memoir is not like that. You churn up material and don’t really resolve anything, so I’m very glad it’s done.” She’s […]

  • Although I believe I understand what is being said in this situation, there, to me, is a great lack of misunderstanding and word usage that complicates and in most cases prevents readers from understanding what is being said and what is going on in Anne Rice’s life and her statements. I am 73 years of age and have studied Christianity all of my life and have found that what we see with our physical eyes (the church buildings on the streets of our cities) has little and in most cases nothing to do with biblical Christianity. Sorry to say most who take the label of Christian do not even know what that word means.

    There is a church that Jesus established; however, an indepth study of the Scriptures reveals that it is a church that is spiritual and cannot be seen, touched, tasted or participated in as the people in pulpits have described to us.

    A person becomes a Christian by believing what Christ has said about Himself in the Scriptures. Once a person “believes” they are immediately Christians. There are no man-made requirements they must adhere to or fulfill such as becoming a member of any church organization or going through some initiation process/procedure to become a member. Everything about Christ’s church is in the supernatural and mankinds ONLY requirement is to believe in what Christ has said!

    When Anne states that she has rejected Christianity she makes a statement that is inaccurate. What she is really saying is that she is leaving man-made organized Christianity. This is evident by her statement that “…Christ is infinitely more important than Christianity and always will be, no matter what Christianity is, has been, or might become.” She states that she is leaving Christianity, but not her commitment to Christ. She is partially mixing authentic Christianity with man-made organized Christianity.

    Jesus sets us free and does not keep us in bondage to Old Covenant Laws, rituals, and ordinances. We live today (as Christians) under the New Covenant. If anyone would like to read more about the above understandings they can do so on my web site Do not let my web site title confuse you as I only use this “church” terminology so that people will feel comfortable with the “apparaent organization.” There is NO ORGANIZATION involved in this web site.

    Christianity is a personal relationship between each individual and God and NEVER should you permit an intermediary (man) to get between you and God. When a person “believes” a supernatural miracle takes place. God, who is spirit, comes into the individaul and lives there. That is what makes a person a Christian – nothing else!

    Ed Ferner