Bishops drop plans to talk politics

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The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has scuttled plans to discuss abortion and politics next week in Baltimore, according to spokeswoman Sister Mary Ann Walsh. In September, after high-profile Catholic politicians challenged church teaching on abortion, the bishops announced that they “plan to discuss the practical and pastoral implications of these serious matters at the […]

  • Is this in deference to the party in power? To “make nice?”

  • DGS

    After some bishops came out with some strong statements this looks an awful lot like a cop out. Possibly too many bishops have looked at the exit polls and decided not to irritate the people who fill the collection plates instead of standing up and teaching more clearly. This will not go away. There are enough bishops and lay people who care about this for it to disappear. Refusing to discuss it will do nothing to resolve it. The only potentially good thing about this is that if the USCCB collectively lacks the cajones to deal with it head on is that collective silence allows those who will speak up to be heard better. It is better that they remain silent and allow people to suspect they are weak than come out with a statement that removes any doubt of it.

  • Thomas J. Pernice

    Your article is improperly titled. It should read “Bishops drop plans to talk ‘Morality'”.

  • GGS

    Perhaps this was in deference to the millions of Hispanics who did not wish to vote for Republican politicians who have expressed or tacitly approved harsh positions on immigration and work place raids. Perhaps this was in deference to the millions of Americans who are hoping and praying for universal health care. Perhaps this is in deference to a God who writes straight in crooked lines.

  • LJ

    …Perhaps this was just cowardice…

  • dmc

    If true…this is very disappointing. Once again the Bishops prove to be ineffective in teaching with conviction and authority. Their political compromises only make them the “luke warm” that Christ himself says he will “vomit” from his mouth on judgment day.

  • Ken

    With all due respect to our bishops….
    It’s time to put it all on the line. Maybe the Roman Catholic Church needs to downsize by excommunicating a few million cafeteria catholics (protestants) in our pews. Granted, it may be tough on us for a few years, but then who ever said being a Catholic Christian was easy?

  • Mary

    Our job is to get to heaven and bring people along with us after our earthly visit. How will our Lord look at the Shepherds that are to herd us there? I shudder with horror thinking of the judgement day that each of us will have, especially our shepherds.

    Remember, good Catholics, when we see our Lord, he will ask us not what we have accomplished, but did we try. . . .Mother Teresa.

  • Richard

    What, the election is over, do they think this issue will go away? I’m sure “catholics” like Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Biden and others will continue to receive Holy Communion while promoting, financing (with our tax dollars) and supporting murder of the unborn.

    These bishops are all talk and no action. They are too afraid to offend or seriously challenge those in violation of Canon 915 with anything more than weak words no action or enforcemnt. What a weak and feeble bunch of “old men” the majority of the USCCB members are! Too bad most are not old enough for mandatory retirement! Until my bishop starts acting (enforcing Canon Law would be a good start!) like a bishop, he will not (and has not) receive one penny from me, there are plenty of real Catholic organizations that are more worthwhile and deserving of my hard-earned money.

    I guess our bishops will be discussing wardrobe, wine and their golf swings in Baltimore.

  • Mark

    This is an idiotic and misleading post.

    There are two days of private, executive sessions. I have no doubt the matter will be discussed then.

  • EVE

    WE all give our opinions, what I would like to know, if the Bishop read what is posted, do they really understand how the general public feel,
    What we all should do is write a lettler to our Bishops or e-mail them
    expressing our feelings, thoughts, and what we feel is going wrong, then may be they really will wake up, they really should hear from every one. Write your Bishops! Eve

  • Phyllis

    There is serious division in our Catholic church which needs to be addressed now, not before the next election. We have 4 years to address the issue of abortion and a stand needs to be made. We don’t need politics and money dictating our values. I will worship under a tent if I have to, but I don’t want to belong to a church that gives in to the more liberal views on abortion and homosexuality. I do think we need to re-think the approach to the illegals and helping the poor, those who are contemplating abortion and the needs of our teens and young adults.

  • gee



  • dissappointed priest

    Pathetic politicians who either issue issue nebulous statements and endless verbiage that no one reads, or who , as this time,completely ignore an issue and blatantly miss an opportunity. The only thing that the USCCB seems to do well is waste time and money. God bless the few courageous bishops who have stood apart from the bureaucratic bishop’s conference in the last months and actually tried to shepherd their flocks.

  • TJP

    At this stage of the abortion fight, on the cusp of President-elect Obama’s promise to enact FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) as his first, prized, piece of legislation, I am stunned by our bishops’ inaction, their horrible silence, their anemic defense of the unborn (not to mention Jesus in the Eucharist). Collectively, they could not do more to perpetuate legal abortion, if they were pro-choice. How many more babies have to die before the issue is important enough to place on the agenda – 50 million, 100 million or 500 million?

    On a related issue, when will our bishops be courageous enough to “abort” the Faithful Citizenship document in favor of a clear, unambiguous, moral teaching document, like the bishops published in Kansas? If it is necessary for individual dioceses to publish their own Catholic voter guide, it is evident that the USCCB document is flawed. The laity is not stupid; we realize that Faithful Citizenship was carefully crafted to be an ambiguous text (“all things to all people”, as Bishop Martino said). It achieved the goal for which it was written: to convince Catholics who voted for pro-abortion Democrats that they would be exculpated from moral liability, by drawing a moral equivalency between abortion and other issues (e.g. racism).

  • Mike

    If the Bishops can’t do their jobs, then we will have to do it ourselves. PRAY AND SPEAK OUT!!!

  • Joel Fago

    If the bishops do not speak up, the blood of the aborted unborn babies will be on their hands. They will be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • I am often amazed when I see otherwise intelligent people come to a conclusion that someone who doesn’t care that a baby is ripped apart and sucked down a sink while the mother is exploited and brutalized believes these same people ‘care about immigrants, the poor, and the homeless’…

    At least 80 percent of Obama’s support are people who are obvious reprobates, a sizable portion threatened to burn down buildings and riot had he not be elected…and these people thought this group would be the better choice for our country????

    McCain was very conciliatory toward immigration reform, his record stands for itself, and he was more liberal then many democrats, the only difference between McCain and Hilary was his pro-life stance.

    That was on the table, the only thing on the table. ABORTION. McCain is basically a pro-life Democrat philosophically….he was no friend to huge money makers. In fact, the Republican party can’t even be called ‘republican’ anymore as a whole, not with liberals like John LaBruzzo on it’s rolls. It’s more ‘democrat lite’.

    Now our country will export and push abortion on third world countries. If medicaid starts to cover abortion, then poor women will be quietly pressured to abort after a second child. They are ALREADY subtly pressured to get sterilized. Of course pro-aborts say that the subtle pressure to be sterilized is because medicaid wont pay for abortion, but can we all be honest adult here? If the system is faced with the choice of paying for a 700 dollar abortion apposed to a 4000 dollar delivery (or 12000 if c-section repeat), that woman WILL be pressured to abort.

    We live in a culture of death where everything has a price. It’s not about republican or democrat any more, its about those who are for life, and the dignity of the human person, and those who aren’t.

    Unfortunately, too many of the bishops would rather live cozy up in the devils a-s-s then speak out against it.

    God bless the ones who do though.


  • Daniel Colgan

    We are again faced with the usual cowardice from our Church Leaders. Does it surprise anyone why the Bishops meeting is being held after the election and not before. The majority of Bishops still support the “seamless garment” crap they’ve been promoting for decades. They’ll have to answer to their Maker for the murder of the innocent both past and future due to their inaction. If they would have spoken in a unified voice prior to the election and not “left town” leaving a few of their numbers courageous enough to speak out against this terrible murder of God’s miracles it might have persuaded the 49% who supported the abortion candidate to think otherwise. It’s imperative that any “Catholic” politician that supports abortion should immediately be publicly excumunicated not “de facto”. We can only hope that the courageous few Bishops left confront the others at the meeting and not allow the cowards among them to shirk their duty behind closed doors .This issue should be debated in the light of day and not in closed sessions to protect the faint of heart.

  • Jon

    They have failed to catechize two+ generations;

    They have failed to protect children by allowing homosexuals into the priesthood;

    They have failed to protect Christ from abortionists unworthy to receive Him;

    They have failed to educate voters on the simple truth that abortion is an intrinsic evil and hence a Catholic cannot vote for a politician who supports abortion, save for proportionate reasons that do not exist; and

    They now fail even to discuss their own failures.

    What a disgrace.

  • Jim Nagle

    I am disgusted with the moral cowardice of the USCCB. Do these people really oppose abortion? They say they do but their actions (or inactions) belie their words. Pope Benedict should replace a large number of these so-called leaders.

  • Maybe they can discuss changing the color of the zuchetto to yellow for American Bishops so as to lend some truth to the level of their performance as shepherds of the Church.

    If I had 54%(I believe that was the number of ‘catholics’ who voted pro-abortion)of my employees ignoring company policy I would soon be in the unemployment line. These guys need to go!

    I hope the Vatican understands the America psyche well enough to know that ultimately the socialists will fail and be expunged along with all elements of Church and society that collaborated with these idealogues. If you need an example look back to the French revolution. Americans feel and act more like the French then they would ever want to admit.

  • Karen Hayes

    The only way the Bishops will listen to the faithful laity is through their pocket books- don’t give to the bishops appeal every year and tell them why.

  • Kathy

    I am not surprised. Our bishops have failed to teach the Catholic faithful, and they don’t seem to understand that we are hungering for some courage from them to speak Catholic truth and instruct the faithful. There are only two reasons why they won’t don this. One, they are afraid of offending, or being unpopular, so they opt for “political correctness”. The other is they they themselves don’t believe in Catholic doctrine on the hard issues like abortion, and homosexuality. If you don’t believe, if you yourself are not convinced of Catholic truth, they you are incapable of convincing others to believe it. God help them. They need our prayers. We need to form our consciences without their help. So much for Holy Orders. In my opinion, they gave this election to Obama through their own fear, or negligence, or outright refusal to teach and instruct.

  • Judith M Goldsberry (JMG)

    I believe that abortion would have been recriminalized in 1973 or soon after, if the bishops had spoken clearly and acted decisively at that time.
    We are missing many more people than the 50 million surgically aborted. Many of them would’ve had children. In addition, an unknown number of people have been chemically aborted through abortifacient “contraception”.

  • cindy

    With no due respect to our bishops, because they haven’t earned it by virtue of their 35 years of lukewarm leadership, this issue will not fade into the background. As stated in a previous post, 56% of so called catholics voted into office the person that promised Planned Parenthood he would enact the Freedom of Choice Act when he became president. Again, please visit for details.

    As you attend Mass this weekend, look at those persons sitting in the pews next to you. If the national statistics are accurate, more than half of those persons who will be extending you the Sign of Peace and recieving the Holy Eucharist, believe that it is acceptable to murder the unborn child in the womb of the pregnant woman sitting two pews up.

  • I whole heartedly agree with every post except Mark. Our Bishops are and have been letting us down for many years now. One cannot compare the killing of millions of innocent children to an “unjust” war or poverty. Many of our own American citizens are in poverty because of thier own doing-whether it be lack of will to get off their backside, drugs, ego, etc..many reasons than real proverty. way too many of our clergy are wolves in sheeps clothing for certain.

    Please pray that somehow throught the grace of God they will come to see the err of their ways and teachings. We faithful Roman Catholics must stay vigilant in our prayers for the world and NOT give up hope. God will NEVER let us down.

  • Mark

    The church and the bishops specifically are Cowards and Hypocrites.

  • Carolyn

    I agree wih all of the above comments.


    Again, I am shocked with the lack of positive, timely action regarding the clarification of the moral law and Caholic teaching regarding abortion! And, I am confused,angry, and deeply saddened!

    The meeting in Baltimore of American Caholic Bishops comes too LATE!

    Now, we have a President and leaders of our nation – all Democrats – who are pro-choice….And their pro-choice, anti-life decisions will affect not only our nation, but the world!

    Our Bishops once again – have dropped the ball…And again, too little, too late….

    I am sorry, but this is inexcusable..

    Yes, since 1973 – This has been going on… Our Caholic Bishops have not spoken clearly and acted decisively. And the murder of children continues….

    It is the least among us who suffer-

  • jodi

    The fact is Catholics voted Obama in. Many of the high electorial states voted for Obama and are heavily Catholic. I prayed ad fasted for this election and left it all on the field,so to speak. I wanted to believe we would choose life as a nation. It didn’t happen but I can go before God knowing I believed and prayed until the end! These bishops have this thing backwards. If we as a people do not have compassion for the unborn than we will not have compassion for the homeless and poor. We will only grow colder and harden our hearts.

  • Chris

    Pray for our bishops who have failed to lead.

    Pray for those Catholics who receive Communion while supporting abortion.

    Pray for the conversion of President-elect Barrack Obama.

    Pray that we have the strentgh and courage to stand in the face of evil as our faith will be tested.

    As Thomas Jefferson said

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever”

  • Olivia

    This was all foretold to us in 1956 when Our Lady of America appeared numerous times in Rome City, IN inside the Our Lady Mother of Mercy Chapel (canonically-approved by Archbishop Leibold, Archbishop Burke and numerous other bishops over the years).

    I would suggest one of the reasons this particular devotion has not been promoted forcefully by our bishops and priests is because in Our Lady’s messages, She Herself calls Her priests and bishops to task for their worldly ways and not being ardent shepherds for the faith. They will be held accountable in heaven. We need to hold them accountable for their actions here.

    Learn what Our Lady said and what is still happening today at and

    Get behind this movement by sharing your helpful dollars with these NFP groups who are working closely with the supporting bishops to get this devotion to be the focus of America’s return to purity as Our Lady has requested. If you are fortunate enough to visit the actual site of the apparitions in Rome City, you will KNOW that these messages are genuine and the apparitions were prescient.

    Once you read the messages from Our Lady of America, as given to Sr. Mildred Neuzil in 1956…a very important anniversary date is this Thursday, November 13…you will know that we are living EXACTLY in the time described by Our Lady in 1956. Fortunately, She also gave us a remedy to heal all of this strife.

  • Mark(2)

    To: GGS:
    Do you really believe that any of these problems will be solved by a nation that accepts the killing of its most innocent members. For that matter, are immigration and healthcare really more important to you than abortion? BTW, McCain has a purely Catholic perspective on immigration and a better much approach then the delusion of Universal Healthcare. While God absolutely writes with crooked lines, we seem to be doing our level best to defy Him at every turn. Remember, Satan works through confusion and contradiction.

    To Mark(earlier):
    I don’t know if it is true or not, what is true is that the Bishops have absolutely failed to teach with one voice on this issue, it seems unlikely they would be willing to address it now.

    To All:
    I agree with one consistent theme throughout this series of messages, PRAY.

  • Jeff Johnson

    And remember John Chrysostom, who said that the road to hell is paved with the skulls of many bishops.

    If they could follow the brave words of Raymond Burke, we just might have a chance as a country, but after last Tuesday, we appear to be dooming ourselves with the worst, bloodiest sin on earth: abortion.

  • Where were the U.S. Catholic bishops when we lied our way into an invasion of Iraq? Sorting out their mess for ignoring the pedophile priests in their midst.

    The number one issue in western Christianity is not abortion. Abortion is just one consequence of the larger issue within western Christianity. ‘Corporate capitalism’ legalises the love of money by by placing quarterly profits above everything else.

    The apostle Paul says “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Jesus says, ‘You cannot serve both God and mammon, you either love the one and hate the other’. In America especially, we think we can do both.

    The best thing to happen to this country would be for the stock market to dissolve and for us to return to family run businesses.

  • James

    From the Our Lady of America messages:

    On the morning of November 15, 1956, Our Lady taught me this little prayer:
    “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.”
    Our Lady then asked me to draw a picture of her first appearance. She also requested a statue made according to this likeness
    and placed, after being solemnly carried in procession, in the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. She
    wishes to be honored there in a special way as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.

    There will be a Friday Night Rosary in the chapel where the Our Lady of America apparitions took place the night before the anniversary of this message. Please feel free to join in person or from your home or Church. The rosary starts at 6:30 pm. Free tours are available by calling the office at 260-854-3525 or emailing

  • James

    The above insights regarding the Bishops lack of courage and the resultant calamity of untold millions of innocents’ murder also can be seen in increasing immorality throughout our American culture. Their horrendous example, lack of defending the Faith and flight from holiness will, I am afraid, cause great unspeakable suffering for us all. Jesus, have mercy.

  • Charlene Edwards

    The Truth will set us free. Thankyou again to Our Shepards in the United States who spoke very candidly spoke for Life this past fall season.

    I am grateful for my Faith in this present culture.

  • Joel Fago

    I just emailed my bishop and urged him to speak out on abortion at the Bishops Conference. Perhaps if enough of us contact our bishops, they will speak out.

  • Annie

    If this is a true report, I am ashamed to be a Catholic. THIS is the time for the bishops to say, “We’ll give up our tax exemption and we will hammer to the American people, to the world, to Catholics in particular, an apology that we have traded 35 years of tax-exempt status for 50 million dead babies, and this will stop now.” We have a massive persecution coming, and the first to go will not be the bishops; it will be the faithful lay people who have stayed with the fight. It will also be Protestant leaders who stood up to the merchants of death, our politicians. And some priests who will continue to speak out and risk imprisonment, torture and death rather than back down.
    As one prominent priest has said, it would be better to celebrate Mass in open fields and give up our churches, than continue to be silent on this genocide of the unborn. Perhaps when everything is in ruins, Mass and Communion are not available on a weekly, much less daily basis, concentration camps are filled with true Catholics/Christians, will Americans wake up. We will make Germany and its holocaust look like a picnic, before this is over, unless we fast and pray, especially for our religious leaders to speak the Truth in no uncertain terms.

  • carol

    Jesus was not a wimp, however his Bishops are its time these Bishops do what they are supposed to do inregards to morality, it seems like the laity have been doing all the work in this area. Time to get tough, let them not forget they will be held accountable to God for not teaching and holding fast to what is right and moral.

  • If the Bishops will not stand up for life who will in our church. I am really becoming disgusted with our leadership (not the pope). You don’t hear Rick Warren hiding the life issue. There is something really wrong with Catholics voting for candidates that support partial birth abortion (murder). Talk about Change we need a Change in leadership.

    Thank You,
    Jil Lehr

  • Pamela Williams

    “Hell is paved with the skulls of priests.” — St. John Chrysostom

  • Steven Williams

    How disappointing! I thought the bishops had guts. They are backing down. I wonder what they will tell the Lord on judgment day? May the blood of the millions of babies aborted be on the hands of those you are pro choice. May the catholics for obama and the Knights for obama burn for their pro choice choices.

  • richard

    Sad here in Massachusetts, most of our bishops vote democratic , no matter if the canditate is pro-choice.

  • Vin

    I think we deserve an explanation for the bishop’s decision not to address politics and abortion. It appears they have given up the fight. If so, we deserve to know so we can make our decision as to whether we will go along meekly. I am 76 years old and have had a difficult time maintaining the faith I depended on for so long. I still think that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church and hope that the bishops, who should be yelling at the top of their voices that God is with it and they will continue His work no matter what. Have faith, bishops and do your jobs!!!!

  • Barbara Kralis

    For years I and tens of thousands of others watched the conferences on EWTN before the bishops decided they needed to meet without the television exposure. They couldn’t obviously handle all of the laity’s questions asking why this or that issue was passed when the Pope teaches just the opposite. Even the media who are allowed to attend these meetings today have been halved in numbers and only those journalist who do not write against the all too frequent shenanigans of the US hierarchy are allowed to attend anymore.

    These meetings accomplish very little that furthers the Church’s mission here on earth.

    The Bishops could save millions of dollars of the laity’s hard earned money and hold conferences less frequently, use the conferencing abilities of the internet more, and just simply stay home and be magisterial, following the clearly defined laws of the Church. Anyone who has worked in the secular world knows how wasteful ‘meetings’ can be.

    In addition, there are plenty of Catholic Universities, Catholic Colleges and seminaries with auditorium facilities, conference rooms, meeting halls, cafeterias, dorms, with local Holiday Inns nearby where the bishops could easily meet and stay when school sessions are out.

    Why do bishops need 5 star hotels? Mother Theresa would never have stayed at posh hotels. Forget all the limos, the airline costs [how many of you travelled business or first class], the cocktail parties, the 5 course dinners, the white wine, and you can double those costs when we add on the Chancery Rats who travel with the bishops to carry their briefcases and do all of the fetching. Stay at home and do your jobs humbly, like faithful clerics.

    It’s interesting to observe that many of the bishops who are orthodox and faithful, who are doing what the Church intends them to do within their Sees, attend the conferences on the first day and then find good reasons why they have to leave. Why? These meetings are a waste of time, simply occasions to get away from the bishops’ bureaucratic offices [which they themselves created], opportunities to share white wine with the good ole boys.

    Most of the documents that arise from the USCCB aren’t worth the paper and time it took to write them. Look how many times it has taken for the bishops to write, revise, revise again and again the still flawed “Faithful Citizenship” document, the document that helped get a pro-abortion candidate elected. Woe to the USCCB.

  • Diane Alden

    What we get from Obama’s first days in office .. this from the ‘transition team.’ The bishops…it is breath taking in how lukewarm and pharisitical they have become since the 60s. They plug a warmed over leftist gospel that isnt about personal or even societal salvation in favor of feel good cultural marxism that stole bits from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and turned them on their head. If memory serves on every bishops’ surplice or stole there is a millstone…I do believe they have forgotten that part of their responsibility as ‘shepherds’ of Christ’s flock. It appears that all too often they prefer being well thought of by political power than being the sword that divides the good from the evil and the wheat from the weeds. As you look at history, whether Joan of Arc, Padre Pio, the children at Fatima .. bishops too often have chosen the praise of men to the glory of God. Following from AP on Obama’s ‘transition.’ The Catholics who voted for him … God help them and all of us.
    transition advisers to President-elect Barack Obama have compiled a list of about 200 Bush administration actions and executive orders that could be swiftly undone to reverse White House policies on climate change, stem cell research, reproductive rights and other issues, according to congressional Democrats, campaign aides and experts working with the transition team.

  • Lynnie


  • David

    When will the Bishops take action to stop the “toleration”?

  • Steve

    There are two days of closed-door meetings. With a topic as big as this, they very well may discuss it then, in private. Rather than becoming upset and frustrated, we should be praying that this is the case and that the Holy Spirit will guide them in making the right decisions. I agree with eve, we should email or write CHARITABLE letters to our bishops, letting them know our concerns.

  • Paul

    Just read Ezekiel 3 (17-18) and Ezekiel 34. That says it all!!!

  • Breaking News: There WILL be a discussion about abortion in the Plenary Session, according to Rocco Palmo’s fantastic blog: Stay tuned to this blog, as Mr. Palmo will be covering the meeting from on-site. Protesters are expected to be there; I imagine there will be many.

  • Helen

    As St. Athanasius said, “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”

  • Philadelphia Catholic

    Linda Shookster,
    Rocco Palm’s blog is hardly “fantastic” if you ask me. It’s the Catholic version of a tabloid at the check-out line that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Unless you like reading about how sexy he thinks the Pope’s priest secretary is.

  • Jean

    My heart is full of sorrow for our Church and Her leaders. How can we ever expect to live in peace when our children’s “conscience” are told it is legal (acceptable) to do away with that little inconvient coincidence of sin.
    The world is angered when a newborn is found floating in a plastic bag in a river but why? When abortion is legal to the ninth month what would it matter to a mother if that child is aborted the day before the due date or murdered the day it is born. Is this really what society wants? I guess they’ve said yes.
    When the report “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” came out it gave me shivers. I remember in the sixty’s when priests were telling us that contraception was a matter of conscience. A generation has passed without much concern on the bishops’ part for even trying to form us sacramentally. It seems now the most important issues in Catholic churches is feel good music and an entertaining homily. If you’re a true Catholic all of a sudden your out church shopping like non-Catholics looking for a true house of worship the MASS. Everything is upside down we are taught to feel and not to think; but take faith there is a remnant and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!

  • Rocco

    I agree with Olivia’s post. The remedy for our problems lies in the messages of Our Lady of America. They have had a profound effect on me and my family and if they are followed by our priests and bishops, they too will be “renewed” as we work to “renew” the face of the earth.

    When you read the messages from these apparitions from Rome City, IN (by the way, I’ve been there several times and have witnessed the Miracle of the Sun with groups of others every time) you will immediately see the relevance of these messages in relation to our lack of courage and strong direction that exists among so many of our bishops and our liberal priests. If I wanted to go some place for a “good time”, I’ll go to an amusement park or a ball game. I go to Church to dwell in the Holy Spirit and be closer to Our Lord in the Eucharist.

  • Bill

    Another commentator wrote that the Catholic Church may need to excommunicate some of her “Protestant” members. I agree. Maybe it’s even time for Pope Benedict XVI to depose some American bishops, too. American has just elected a pro-abortion president who favors even partial-birth abortion. But during the next USCCB meeting, the bishops won’t talk about abortion? Something is very wrong here, friends.

    Vatican II helped liberal Catholicism pervade Christ’s Mystical Body the Catholic Church. Pope John XXIII refused to condemn heresies because he preferred mercy to severity. Thanks to the Vatican-Moscow agreement, Vatican II’s Fathers agreed not to condemn Communism. Now the American Bishops won’t talk abortion after one of the most potentially tragic presidential elections in American. I see a frightening pattern here.