The Future of the Blog

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Me Blogging.jpgWhen I started up this blog a year ago, the idea was to do a time-limited experiment. A few academics, students of religion and politics chosen for expertise in different areas, would comment more or less regularly on religion and the campaign, for the campaign’s duration. It didn’t quite work out that way. I did sign up some co-conspirators, but for reasons best known to them, they didn’t prove to be very interested in participated in what, I guess, was pretty clearly my show. I can’t say I blame them. The blog quickly established itself as one of those quick-reaction affairs, staying as close to the news cycle as it could, given the constraints of time and energy. The sensibility was journalistic, reflecting my own years as an editorial writer and columnist. Academics tend to march to a deliberate beat. After a while, I stopped bugging the others to post. I faced up to its being an expression of my own interests, values, sensibility, and prejudices. With the help of one or another of the Greenberg Center’s undergraduate fellows, I’ve done it alone.
What to do now that the campaign’s over? While recognizing that I may simply be suffering from the withdrawal symptoms currently being satirized in Doonesbury, I’ve decided not to hang up my links and retire from the field. I’ve had too much fun doing it, derive too much narcissistic pleasure from doing it, and have at least some reason to think that there’s enough of an audience interested in my doing it. (If there are those who wish to send me their yea or nay, I’d be more than happy to hear from them, at So for a while at least, Spiritual Politics will be continuing, with a subhead to indicate that its subject will now be religion and American political culture generally, or some such thing. We’ll let the sometime co-conspirators gracefully exit the masthead, and arrange a redesign that will, I hope, improve upon the slapped-together look we have, and provide some of the usual accouterments of blogs, such as lists of other relevant websites and a blogroll. I don’t expect to be posting as frequently. Certainly there will be less of what Steve Waldman calls poll candy, which leaves some with a bad taste in their mouths anyway. Otherwise, we’ll see how it goes.

  • Bruce Cohen

    This is good news! (I like the photo.) Blog, prof, blog!

  • Sherry

    Thank you!! Withdrawal from the election mania is hard enough but blog withdrawal is worse. While not an academic I have enjoyed reading your wise and often witty analysis of the whole affair. You have also increased my limited Yiddish vocabulary. My daughter-in-law appreciates this! Blog on!

  • Please keep it up, Mark!

  • One of the great things about American politics is that we have elections every year, and enough religious people to run for office and make a big deal about it. You should start getting ready for the 2010 elections, nevermind the state and governor races in ’09!!! Keep it up Mark!!!

  • Vince Milum

    Glad to see that you are continuing this vital service.
    May you and the blog “live long and prosper.”

  • Gospel indeed.

  • Ronald Kiener

    Keep it up, fellow blogiator!

  • Asinus Gravis

    Please keep up the good work. I’ve found your blog interesting, informative, insightful, and stimulating–a very good read.

  • Politics are fascinating and you do a great job with the blogs. I hope you continue to have time to write.