Catholic bishops warn Obama against expanded abortion rights

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c. 2008 Religion News ServiceBALTIMORE _ The leading U.S. Catholic prelate warned Wednesday (Nov. 12) that President-elect Barack Obama’s promise to unify the country would be shattered if he pursues policies to increase access to abortion.“If the election is misinterpreted ideologically as a referendum on abortion,” said Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, president of the […]

  • Will Volny

    I wonder when the Catholic executives and governing body (i.e. priests, bishops, cardinals, pope) are going to make public statements that demonstrate that they understand the realities of living in the real world; when will they come to know that most of us Catholics simply ignore the ridiculous and out of touch ukases and restrictions they hand down to us (i.e. we ignore their ban on the use of birth control). The Catholic church has only recently forgiven Galileo, they still actively promote the spread of HIV because of refusing to allow condom use, Hitler has still not been excommunicated. When is the Catholic church going to do something and say something that gives us reason to respect them? Until they do, how can we give anything they say or stand by validity? Can we believe that the Catholic leaders have any standing within a reasoning world at this time? They need to catch up with the world and its parishioners.

  • Where does the Catholic Church or any church for that matter get the idea that they can control what a President of United States will do? Mr. Obama has been elected to represent the people of the United States and not only the “Catholics” or the “Jews” or “Insert any religion”. If a Catholic or anyone else for that matter does not choose to have an abortion that is their right. It is not the Catholic Church’s right to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. I was raised a Catholic and now consider myself a recovering Catholic. I am a member of the Episcopal Church, USA. I strongly support the right of any woman to have a legal, safe abortion. Personally, I would probably encourage my spouse to not opt for an abortion (not a concern at this point in our lives); however, I would support any decision she made. It truly irriates me that any religion tries to force their beliefs on others. Remember that there is only one who can decide what is or was right or wrong and that one will make that decision on judgment day.

  • voice call in wilderness

    will volny –
    curious…., why are you still a catholic? or do you know what being a catholic means or what it’s all about?? if you don’t like it, get off the bus….

    david disisto –
    i’d say much better living in a judeo-christian worldview nation than “insert any religion” ie, islam. wake up and smell the coffee. you got it good here with the founding fathers’ religion and assertions….

  • voice call in wilderness –
    What does “you got it good here with the founding fathers’ religion and assertions…” have to do with the Catholics interfering with my beliefs? Trust me, I woke up and smelled the coffee. That is why I am no longer a Catholic. Unfortunately, the teachings of the Catholic Church have messed with many people’s minds. I fortunately was able to excape their clutch early enough not to cause permanent damage.

  • Will Volny

    Hi, Voice Call in Wildnerness,
    thanks for replying. It’s nice to get interaction on these sites. Your points are really good. 1) I think I still care about the Catholic thing because I used to go to a Baptist church and the Baptist congregation got more of a say about how the church was run than do the parishioners at a Catholic church. I somehow wish that we parishioners had a voice in the church, but we’re still treated like dumb animals who don’t know history and wouldn’t understand the Bible.
    As for point two, yep, we do have it good here and I want to keep it that way. I have a friend in Ireland who has told me about quite a few laws on the books that are religio-restrictive to the point that it would wig any American out….

  • rachel

    God is the author of life.JEsus Christ the Lord Himself said that anyone, ANYONE that would harm a child should rather have a millstone around his neck and be cast into the sea. God told Jeremiah that he knew him in the womb of his mother and called him by name. Not fetus or blob, by Name.
    I believe that the hour has come when all the so called liberal Christians are going to see a side of God they have not encountered,
    His wrath.
    We here in Canada always looked up to the United States of America as the home of the brave and the land of the free.
    If a man like Obama can violate the conscience of an entire community of professionals who want to help and heal , not murder, then he is no less , in my eyes a monster than Hitler or Saddam or their ilk.

  • winstonterr

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