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Here’s the lede to Adelle M. Banks’ RNS story on Mike Huckabee’s news conference today:

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, often mentioned as someone who could shepherd the GOP out of the political wilderness, says Republicans neglected religious conservatives this year and need to maintain their support as the party regroups.
“They were welcomed to the family table two days a year, and that was the primary and Election Day,” the former Arkansas governor said at a press conference Wednesday (Nov. 19). “I think there’s a point of frustration and exasperation where people are saying. `You know what? If you don’t want us, just say so.”

Exactly how did “Republicans” neglect religious conservatives? By not all flocking to Mike Huckabee, the religious conservatives’ choice? By passing the strongest anti-abortion plank ever? By making Sarah Palin their vice presidential nominee? What’s he talking about?

  • Asinus Gravis

    He is talking about what he usually talks about–Mike Huckabee.
    He will likely eventually get beyond his being betrayed by the God’s Only Party primary voters–unless it continues to go over well on FOXie pseudo-News.