Shofar, so good?

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Jeff Sharlet over at The Revealer notes that the celebrants who say they created a new Anglican province Wednesday blew a shofar (Jewish ritual horn) at the worship service following the announcement. Apparently, only Christianity Today reported this detail. Sharlet asks “Why did the mainstream press ignore this unusual detail? Did it strike the NYT […]

  • Daniel,
    CT is a monthly, actually, and our website is updated daily.

    Also, I thought your article on the future of the church was very well done:

  • Asinus Gravis

    I associate the religious use of the shofar with summoning people to repentance at the beginning of Rosh Hashanah and its introduction of a ten day period of judgment, leading up to Yon Kippur and atonement.

    While these “Anglicans” have much for which to repent, and are being subjected to judgment for their acts of dismemberment of the Body of Christ, it is not clear that they have fully owned up to that.

    These “Anglicans” entry into new life looks rather more arrogant and warlike than repentant and seeking forgiveness and atonement. Thus their choice of sounding the shofar looks like symbolism that is quite out of place.

    Perhaps that will come later, when they are ready to rejoin the Body of Christ.