Bush’s Religion

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St. John's Church.jpgOMG he’s a Mainline Protestant! He worships at an Episcopal Church.
He is something of a universalist:

When asked if he thinks that he prays to the same God as those with different beliefs [specifically, “Allah”], Bush said, “I do.”
“I do believe there is an Almighty that is broad and big enough and loving enough that can encompass a lot of people,” Bush said, but he drew a distinction when it comes to those who perpetrate terror.

He eschews inerrancy:

When asked if he believes the Bible is literally true, the president said that he’s “not a literalist” when it comes to reading the Bible, but rather focuses on the important lessons he believes the Bible teaches.

He believes in evolution, in the normal mainline theistic way:

As for whether one can believe in the Bible and believe in evolution, Bush said he does, adding that “I happen to believe that evolution doesn’t fully explain the mystery of life.
“I think that God created the Earth, created the world,” he said. “I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an almighty, and I don’t think it’s incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution.”

To my knowledge, this is the most forthcoming Bush has ever been about his faith. You wonder what his conservative evangelical supporters might have thought about him had he said as much six or eight years ago. You wonder what they may think now.

  • Asinus Gravis

    This interview almost makes me think it would be a good thing for him to show up at our neighborhood YMCA to share conversation over coffee after a good workout.
    Heretofore, I’ve been worried that he might actually show up there and disrupt activities.

  • Andrew Yu-Jen Wang

    Speaking of George W. Bush:
    George W. Bush committed hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism (indicated in my blog).
    George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes.
    And I do solemnly swear by Almighty God that George W. Bush committed other hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism which I am not at liberty to mention.
    Many people know what Bush did.
    And many people will know what Bush did—even to the end of the world.
    Bush was absolute evil.
    Bush is now like a fugitive from justice.
    Bush is a psychological prisoner.
    Bush has a lot to worry about.
    Bush can technically be prosecuted for hate crimes at any time.
    In any case, Bush will go down in history in infamy.
    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993
    I am not sure where I had read it before, but anyway, it is a linguistically excellent statement, and it goes kind of like this: “If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memory so it never got stale and faded.” Oh wait—off the top of my head—I think the quotation came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.