Waiting for Lefty

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Waiting for Lefty.jpegNow that the right has gotten in its licks at Newsweek, comes the left with its own lament that Lisa Miller did not see fit, or have the wit, to include its advanced perspectives on biblical views of love and marriage.
Over at Religion Dispatches, there’s Catholic feminist theologian Mary Hunt and U.C.C. activist Peter Laarman, while on the Jewish front, Shalom Center’s Arthur Waskow devotes his latest email report (subscribe here) to telling you everything he told Miller but that she didn’t get into the story.
Meanwhile, on the RIC front, My DD’s Shai Sachs weighed in over the weekend, much to the pleasure of Dispatches From the Religious Left editor Fred Clarkson.
How much religious left is actually out there, and how much difference can what’s out there make? Prophets, of course, shouldn’t wait on numbers to do their thing, and these ones are entitled to berate centrist progressives for selling out on gay and abortion rights. The question they must ask themselves, however, is how important those issues are to them, as compared with, say, poverty, health care, genocide, and the conduct of the so-called war on terror. Too important to permit a little truckling to social conservatives, whom you’ve been beating up for making abortion and gay marriage the alpha and omega of their public agenda? Well, OK.