Campaigns build to dump, protect DOMA

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Former congressman and Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr, now thinks the Defense of Marriage Amendment, which he wrote, should be repealed. Barr stated his agreement with President-elect Barack Obama in a commentary in the Los Angeles Times: “If one truly believes in federalism and the primacy of state government over the federal, DOMA is simply […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    DOMA is a DUMB law. It has virtually nothing to do with protecting or defending marriage. Nor has it functioned to protect marriages. It was and is very bad law.

    Yes, Bob Barr, the U. S. government should get out of the marriage business. So should state governments.

    Legal authorities–at both levels–should focus on civil unions. They should leave “marriage” up to religious institutions, some of which seem desperate to hold on to the name “marriage.” Let them define it however they like, so long as that has no legal implications.

    The proper business of governmental entities is with legally defined and based civil unions–which have hundreds of legal rights. and business, implications. There is no good reason to limit those to male-female unions only. In fact to do so would be a denial of equal rights for all citizens.

  • dora the explorer

    I pretty much agree 100% with the previous comment. Its a horrible law. Needless to say, this is a very complicated issue. No easy fix.