In `the Almighty,’ Bush sees a providential God

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WASHINGTON-Throughout his eight years in the Oval Office, President Bush frequently made public references to God, but instead of always using the traditional Judeo-Christian term for the divine, he often chose the more generic “Almighty.” “We can be confident because freedom is universal,” Bush said recently during a stop at the U.S. Army War College […]

  • Michael

    Bush is a Freemason (Skull and Bones)and New World Order advocate…so who exactly is his “Almighty”……..

  • From a Christian perspective, perhaps the word “Almighty” is a bit generic, but it is indeed a name for God, and when one hears it one immediately recognises it as referring to God, just like the word “Lord”.

    Glenn Dallaire

  • Michael

    and the Freemasons worship a God of their own choice……

  • Hi Michael,
    Well, as to whether or not George Bush is a Freemason, I honestly don’t know.
    My previous comment is simply referring to the article and topic above.

  • Aunt Raven

    “Almighty” refers to power, meaning the “All-powerful”. George Bush seemingly finds this aspect of God as “Untimate Might” appealing. George Washington was a Deist and a Freemason, and in his speeches and writings he most frequently referred to God as “Providence.” This name of God emphasizes Him as “Provider” : of what individuals and nations need to survive. The present Pope, interestingly, wrote his first encyclical (worldwide letter) reiterating that above all, “God is Love.” The names we prefer for God seem to say less about Him, than ourselves.

  • avid Aikman, author of “A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W. Bush,” said use of the term “Almighty” might indicate a desire to express a particular kind of reverence for the divine.