The Slipper Tongue

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President Bush kept a painting of a pack of horsemen trailing a cowboy in the Oval Office. It reminded him of John Wesley, the circuit-riding preacher who founded Methodism, Bush’s faith. In reality, the painting was an illustration for a short story called “The Slipper Tongue,” and depicts a lynch mob hunting down a horse […]

  • Carolyn

    There are many many paintings that take on a differnt meaning than he artist originally intended. This has happened throughout history. As an example,the painting called “Our Lady of the Streets” was not a portrait depictng the Blesed Virgin Mary. However over time it has become just that. In my own home I have a painting which resembles my own mother, yet it is not truely her image. President Bush is justified in using this painting to remind him of something very close to his heart.

  • Asinus Gravis

    That “something very close to his heart” may well have been in keeping with the “The Slipper Tongue.”

    It could have served as a reminder of another cowboy who got in over his head and made some bad decisions, for which he could well be “lynched.”