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Robby Jones, who runs Public Religion Research, is up on Religion Dispatches this morning with a staunch defense of Third Way‘s “Come Let Us Reason Together” memo, in which he played a leading role. Robby directs his guns at the criticism the document has gotten from the religious lefties at Religion Dispatches and elsewhere, whom he accuses of being as ideologically dug in on their side as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is on his. I’m not sure they’d disagree, but the comparison isn’t pleasant, and is to some extent earned. When you decide to be a prophet, moral compromise is not an option.
Robby also takes a shot at the snarkiness of the commentary on “Come Let Us,” and as an interested observer, I’m willing to plead guilty to some of that. Mea culpa, but when you subtitle your effort “A Governing Agenda to End the Culture Wars,” I’m afraid you’re asking for snark. And not just on rhetorical grounds. At this point, there’s less to Third Way’s bid to constitute a new Vital Religious Center than such language warrants. More on that a little later.