Bishop’s Holocaust denial raises questions of group’s anti-Semitism

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VATICAN CITY — The head of an ultra-traditionalist Catholic group has repudiated statements by one of his bishops that deny the horror of the Holocaust, and insists that his organization opposes bigotry against Jews. “Anti-Semitism has no place in our ranks,” Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), wrote […]

  • Randall

    As much as I admire Bishop Fellay, he threw Bishop Williamson under the bus without hesitation, decrying Williamson’s regard for historic truth and scientific evaluation of evidence as “nonsense.” This discussion is now about antisemitism when it should have been about freedom of inquiry and rational, respectful discourse.

  • Cynthia Angelini

    Loving people and repudiating the negative actions which they commit is the true way to love other people. Christ was and is a Jew. We know that SOME persons of the Jewish faith betrayed and turned Christ over to the Romans to be crucified. Mary, John and others did not betray Jesus and they were of the Jewish faith. Our actions, positive or negative are our choice and once we commit those actions we are responsible for the outcome of those acts. In the end, denial just won’t stand up because God knows our inmost thoughts, etc. There have been very good people in the Jewish faith as there have been those who made “bad” choices, same among the Gentiles. God Will Judge All Of Us. But we really must stand up for historical and real truth and not just toss truth out onto the dung-hill of political correctness.

  • Sam

    Catholics worship Jesus Christ, the Messiah foretold by the Old Testament, who, in His humanity, was of the Jewish race; and that makes Catholics anti-Semitic? Were those of the Jewish race who followed Christ anti-Semitic? Are those of the Jewish race who have abandoned the old covenant of Judaism and converted to Catholicism (true Christianity) now anti-Semitic? How does switching religions make one a bigot against his own race? The absurdity of such a notion is self-evident.

    Caiaphas chose to reject the Messiah foretold by his religion in order to maintain his popularity and his power as high priest. He urged all who would listen to reject Christ, the personification of Good, for Barabbas, the personification of Evil. Once again, God’s “chosen people” rejected Him.

    It has been very convenient for those of the Jewish race who are not Christian (Catholic) to exploit the epithet of anti-Semitism when confronted with the Truth of their perfidy.

  • Randall

    My comment, which was only two lines long, posted as if it were the final paragraph of the article. Please remedy. Thanks

  • Clare

    If I have to beleive as the Pope says, that the jewish holocaust is a matter of faith not history, then I am no longer Catholic. And if I have to beleive what Bishop Fellay says, that “anti-semitism” is condemned by the church, even if all it is an excuse to browbeat anyone who disagrees with Israel’s genocidal policies toward their neighbors, then I am not a traditionalist either. I am either free to think, or I am not. I am sorry that the bishop who valued truth over political correctness was forced to leave his seminary. Maybe he is better off without false friends.