An Old Feint

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Perkins.jpegDan Gilgoff’s got a Q&A with Family Research Council Pooh-bah Tony Perkins, wherein Perkins seems to be giving the Grand Old Party a bit of the back of  his hand, while unclenching his fist in the direction of the Obama administration. No disrespect to Dan, who just asked the questions, but I wouldn’t rush to take this at face value. It’s pretty much SOP for religious right leaders to rattle the Republican cage whenever they’re feeling a bit unloved, and with the election of Michael Steele as head of the RNC, that’s just how they’re feeling. I’ll believe there’s something going on when I see signs of it on the relevant websites. And if you take a look at the FRC’s, all you’ll find is anti-Obamaism, not a peep of anti-Republicanism.