And you thought Rick Warren was controversial …

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Our Oklahoma City correspondent, Bobby Ross, made sure we knew about this little brouhaha spinning around the Sooner State: It seems a local gay pastor, Scott Jones, was invited to lead prayer in the state House of Representatives. It wasn’t his prayer that irritated legislators, but his introduction. From The Oklahoman: “Mr. Speaker, esteemed representatives, […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    What is it that got settled? Left unclear from the story was whether the opening comments by the Rev. Jones were included in the “journal”.

    More surprising to me was the fact that an openly gay person is a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. I wonder if they have a vote on whether to include his remarks in the “journal”–each day.

    That set me to wondering whether very many other states have had openly gay ministers (or non-ministers) offering religious prayers at official legislative meetings.

    PS, clicking on “Preview” only gives me a blank screen.

    Does someone keep records on this sort of thing? If so, do they distinguish male and female prayers? or left-handed from right-handed prayers? or thin from obese prayers? or black from white prayers?