Feds raid Christian charity

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The FBI and IRS raided the Georgia headquarters of Angel Food Ministries, the Christian food charity, on Wednesday, according to published reports. Neither the FBI nor the IRS would say what agents were searching for at the home office of Angel Food. Ronn Torossian, a spokesman for Angel Food Ministries and president of New York-based […]

  • Harry Malcom

    Hi Daniel (and Melissa), Feb. 27, 2009

    In regard to Melissa’s story about AFM in the York Daily Record, more information is now available. Documents have been filed in Walton County Superior Court, Monroe, GA, concerning Angel Food Ministry and the Wingo family. I have not personnaly read the multiple page document so I don’t have any comment as to the content. Maybe you can gain access to the details

    Information here comes out slowly as evidenced by Ms. Burkes’reporting a month before anything surfaced here in Monroe.

    I am a citizen of Walton County Georgia and have no connection to AFM.
    My interest is in knowing the truth. You may contact me if you like.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was supposedly around here today.

    Best regards, Harry

  • Concerned about hunger

    My church is feeding about 80 families a month because of Angel Food Ministries. Volunteers from my church give up half a Saturday each month to distribute groceries. For us, this is not a sacrifice at all, but a joy. We get to bless people with food, we talk and pray with them, and people become encouraged. I can tell you that God is using Angel Food. The right attitude now is to be careful not to let your tongue or your written words “stir up dissension among brothers” (this is one of the six things the Lord hates, see Proverbs 6:19). Remember that Angel Food is effective in helping people in a time of real need. The right thing is to pray for Angel Food.

  • Hunger issues

    March 6, 2009, Monroe, GA: A lawsuit filed last Friday in the Walton County Superior Court by two former board members of Angel Food Ministries that sought to have the Wingo family removed from the helm and from the premises of the organization, was dismissed today.

    At a brief hearing before Superior Court Judge John M. Ott, an agreement was reached and the suit was dismissed. Joseph Wingo remains the chairman and CEO and the Wingo family, who founded the ministry and devoted their lives to see it grow, remain at the helm.

    Further details of the agreement will be released at a later date.

    Amidst the news of the lawsuit, Angel Food Ministries continued to feed anyone who asks, reaching a milestone February 2009, distributing 530 thousand food boxes. It will continue serving a crucial need, feeding anyone who asks.

  • Daniel Burke

    Ah, not exactly, Hunger.

    “According to the agreement approved by Judge John M. Ott, the Wingos’ company credit cards will be canceled, the nonprofit will undergo a forensic financial audit, and Joe Wingo will sign over to Angel Food a company he owns that was renting a corporate jet to the nonprofit at $10,000 a month profit.”

  • Hunger issues

    Remember that we don’t know all the facts. Our judicial system operates with a presumption of innocence. The right thing is to pray for Angel Food.

  • Daniel Burke

    Telling the truth is the right thing.

  • Steve

    I can’t believe this has happened. Doing good deeds should be rewarded with this kind of recognition. How will people who rely on Angel Food get through a meal everyday? This is really a sad story.