Protestant work ethic

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Some Dutch politicians are blaming the worldwide financial crisis on a lack of good ole fashioned Protestant work ethic, according to Reuters. Some are even turning to John (Jean) Calvin to right the ship. Moneyquote:”If the credit crisis makes anything clear, it shows we need to strengthen the moral anchors of our economy,” Balkenende wrote […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    Implementing the Jewish and Christian economic and social justice teachings would make a profound difference to our economy. It would enormously improve it, I believe.

    Fundamental to that, is a broadly construed right to life–not simply one that deals exclusively with getting born. Following from that is (1) a right to sufficient nutritious food for all–even those unable to work. (2) Then there is a right to productive assets sufficient to responsibly care for ourselves and be dignified members of the community who can effectively contribute to the common good. (3) The right to the private property for which we are temporarily serving as stewards. (4) The right to health care sufficient to support human flourishing emotionally and physically is included. (5) We can hardly function as called to be dignified participants in our communities without the recognition of our right to education. (6) Since it is through our work that we express our identities, meet our needs, and serve our neighbors, we must be recognized as having a right to work.

    All of these–and others–are basic human rights, and are recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948. They are all solidly grounded in the Biblical literature.

    In addition to the above the recognition of Jubilee Years, severe restriction on lending, just laws, and the just enforcement of fair laws add up to a significantly different social and economic system that the one that is falling apart on us at this time.

  • Idersshad

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