God on the brain

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Three areas in the brain control religious belief, according to a recent scientific study reported by The Daily Mail. Scientists asked 40 subjects, including Christians, Muslims and Jews to answer questions about God’s intervention in the world, the Almighty’s emotional state, and other religious questions. In all 40 participants, the same brain areas, corresponding to […]

  • Dr. Nick

    Which areas of the brain control the belief that all beliefs are controlled by areas of the brain?

  • Dr. Lyone Fein

    It would be interesting to know what the questions were….and who wrote them: believers, or non-believers? Scientists, or religious experts? People raised as Christians, or those raised in all of the traditions represented by the pool of test subjects?

    I also wonder if these were just “yes and no” type questions, or if they were more open-ended, such as: “What does “faith” mean to you?” I suspect that open-ended questions would register in different parts of the brain than simple yes/no questions.

    Such “scientific” tests tend to oversimplify issues to the point that the data ends up being meaningless. After all, how do you answer the question, “Do you believe in God?” except to ask “Can you define the term ‘God’ in this question?”