• Rob Winslow

    I continue to marvel at the weakness and irrelevance of the God of the religious right. This weakness and this irrelevance are evidenced by their need to prop him up and insert his name/title into various public documents and events. I’d like to deal with a God who is strong enough not to need such human obeisance.

  • Jeff

    Rob, you sound like one of the tribes of Palestine attacking the God of the Jews. As if the One True God is one of many equal Lords.
    We don’t worship a God that is an idol, our God is not a version of deity expressed by some convention of language. The word God has meaning, look it up. His name belongs on the tips of our tongues. Our expression of allegiance is consummate with our need rather than God’s.
    Calling the Bible the Word of God is consistent with Abraham Lincoln’s view of the book, as well as Barack Obama’s.