Chaput (hearts) religion reporters

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Dan Burke and I headed over to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life on Tuesday for a lunch with Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput. He’s a genuinely genial guy — the type of archbishop who will tell you you’re going to hell, and then you ask him to tell you again because he sounded […]

  • It’s not really fair to compare the CNA and CNS versions of this story because the link to CNS is only to our news brief. We don’t put the full version of all our stories on our public Web site since we’re supported by our clients. But some of them do post a limited number of our full stories on their Web sites. Here’s a link to our full story, if readers want to make a fair comparison:

    Jim Lackey
    Catholic News Service

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    True enough. I didn’t actually link to the CNA article (GetReligion did) because I think CNS is in a league fab above CNA.

    For anyone who’s interested, the CNS version is worth a few minutes.

  • Oops, sorry, I had seen the GetReligion version first and didn’t realize until later that you didn’t give CNA the same play that they did. My apologies …

  • Becket

    Jim, the defensivenes of your initial post wonderfully highlights the problem the Church has with the media, and for that matter the world beyond its doors. Even when someone is giving you fair treatment, your first instinct is to cry foul. Engagement-rather than a defensive crouch against all criticism or slights, real and imagined, is the the path the Church needs to follow. Kudos to Chaput for taking the time to open a dialogue.

  • Becket, I think you misunderstood the “defensiveness” of my post. Had nothing to do with the church or religion and everything to do with journalistic pride. If I worked for Newsweek and someone mischaracterized one of our articles and said Time covered it better, I would have said the same thing.