Manischewitz: The family behind the matzo

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NEW YORK — For many Jews, the thought of Passover conjures up images of families feasting on matzo, kosher wine and for a few brave souls perhaps, Gefilte fish. Chances are, the name on the packaging is always the same: Manischewitz. For the family that traces its lineage back to Behr Manischewitz and the Cincinnati […]

  • Lyone S Fein

    What does “and for a few brave souls perhaps, Gefilte fish” mean? Is this supposed to be humorous? Maybe Neroulias needs to do some fact checking: Gefilte fish is consumed on a weekly basis every Shabbat by many *traditional* Jewish families and congregations all over the world, and guess what? We enjoy it!

    I would like to recommend that the Religion News Service have someone who is familiar with Judaism, religiously and culturally, do your reporting on Jewish stories in the future.

  • Sarah Linsk

    Gefilte fish are poached fish patties or balls made from a mixture of ground, deboned fish (mostly carp or pike). It is popular among Ashkenazi’s. -Wikipedia

    I imagine that with all of the Jewish Americans purchasing Manischewitz products there must be a huge profit, and I wonder if any of it goes back into the Jewish community for charity.