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Mark Silk at Spiritual Politics highlights an interesting exchange between Rick Warren and Larry King last night (not about gay marriage). King asks the purpose-driven pastor about Christians losing a good deal of the flock, as noted in a splashly Newsweek cover story. Sayz Warren: “Well, I would say it’s the best of times and […]

  • Apparently lots of Baptists don’t claim to be protestants. Try googling “Baptists aren’t protestants.” They claim they aren’t protestants because they never left the Catholic church… and they never left the Catholic church because they were never a part of it.

  • Daniel Burke

    Thanks, Amy. That’s helpful.

    I understand that evangelicals are not so into labels these days, some would even rather be called “Christ followers,” than “Christians.”

    But when he’s talking about gay marriage, for instance, Warren would be the first to tell you that words matter. I guess I just don’t understand why they’re so willing to eschew “Protestant.”

    Speaking to the Baptists-never-left-the-Catholic-Church meme, aren’t they the ones who used to call the Vatican the whore of Babylon?


  • I think I did see the “whore of Babylon” comment in my search earlier today.