How do you spell lust?    M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I

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(UNDATED) Las Vegas may be known as “Sin City,” but when it comes to transgressions per capita, parts of the Bible Belt may burn much hotter, suggests a new study by Kansas State University geographers. The project, conducted by four graduate students in the university’s department of geography, maps out “hot spots” for Christianity’s seven […]

  • Silas Pinto

    It is possible that Las Vegas residents are so exposed to humanity sinfulness and its consequences, that it cause them to have more restrain. Those who work with prostitutes in general testify that they look to sex and pornography with much less lust, for they have seen its dark side.

    It is possible that the Bible Belt findings expose the typical hypocracy of our churches, that teach if you keep the appearences and fulfill certain religious duties, you are spiritually okay.

    Regarding anger,it seems that the more religious people are more angry, for they believe God is on their side, therefore they are right. They come after you with the wrath of god (small case)!

    Although we are a very religious country, it is more and more a religion without ethics.