Minister’s community of squatters defies odds

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LAKEWOOD, N.J. — The vegetable garden is ready to plant, the washer and dryer will be hooked up soon, and Nina the Polish lady figured out how to make cheese from the milk of the new goat, named Molly. But while residents of what has come to be known as “KP Tent City” search for […]

  • I really respect the work Brigham has done and his approach to treating the homeless people with compassion and instilling a sense of responsibility. The Mayor would rather have the squatters conscripted into a program where the State will assume dominion over them at costs to the taxpayers, probably greater than what is felt by their occupying the land.

    In times of necessity, what is available for all men to peaceably utilize for their own survival, should be left to those requiring such resources. God has provided for all men by way of nature, and he need but seek his guidance in freeing himself from that which may have contributed to his subjugation and disenfranchisement.

    Kudos to you, Mr. Brigham, and your commitment to doing what is right, just, and humane; and engaging the beast through peaceful civil disobedience. They may be forced to show their true colors, which ultimately reveal a violent and unreasonable entity. Peaceful people may prevail, at a cost, but a just and equitable one in the pursuit of freedom and self-determination.