Their lips are sealed

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Taking the sexual abstinence movement to a whole new level is what’s called the “Virgin Lips Movement.” The Tennessean in Nashville, Tenn., recently explored how some conservative Christians choose not to kiss until their wedding ceremony. “It was so important to me because I felt a kiss was something very intimate, and something I wanted […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    I am waited with Listerine breath for our devolution to family arranged marriages, doweries, the return to all property rights residing in the males (father or husband), divorce by verbal fiat by the male, to some western version of the burka, and (best of all) the institutionalization of concubinage.

    Praise Allah!

  • Joel

    You know, good for them! When Kirk Cameron (of the recent “Fireproof” film) decided against kissing his on-screen “wife” even in a fictional situation, he was derided; and this couple will be, too. But I think that the more special marriage is made, the better chance it has of making a come back as a life-decision and not some spur-of-the-moment fun Vegas thing (not that there’s anything wrong with getting married in Vegas). Being an unmarried 20-something myself, I can only hope that more of my peers will follow the lead of this courageous couple. Best wishes for a happy and healthy marriage!