• Ah, but in the “good old days” they merely killed witches.

    Unless you put it into perspective of traditional African religion, you don’t have a story.

    The belief in witches is deep. Witches can put curses on people to make them sick. Witches can cast spells on you. That’s why native healers are called “witchdoctors”: they diagnose the reason behind your illness (e.g. you mistreated your mother, so she made your baby sick, or maybe your neighbor is jealous, so poisoned you), and can hold a ceremony to make you better.

    Witches use body parts to cure you or to place under your business so that you are successful. Sometimes these body parts are from corpses, but sometimes children (or albinos) are kidnapped and presumed used for body parts.

    When I lived in Liberia, two mutilated bodies and one teenager who managed to flee the kidnappers got in the news…over a six month period. So how common is murder? I don’t know.

    This “exorcism” sounds like a variation of the belief…although I never ran into a case when I was in Africa.