Sweet Land of Liberty

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The Roanoke News & Advance reports:

Liberty University has revoked its recognition
of the campus Democratic Party club, saying “we are unable to lend
support to a club whose parent organization stands against the moral
principles held by the university.

A new cause for Catholic critics of Notre Dame, Fordham, Georgetown, B.C., Marquette, Holy Cross, Creighton, et al.? Hey, Deal!

  • Asinus Gravis

    Apart from little things like supression of freedom of association, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion at Liberty University(?), there is some encouraging news implicit in this story.
    I’m delighted to see that Liberty U. is coming out solidly for a PRO-LIFE philosophy.
    It is about time they stood forthrightly in opposition to: the death penalty, the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan, and any other warfare by the USA.
    And I look forward to seeing Liberty U. supporting national health care, so that no one in the USA dies because they could not afford medical attention or drugs needed to protect their lives.
    Their forthright advocacy of supporting life through a concerted world-wide effort to end poverty in this generation is most welcome–the deaths of tens of thousands of children from malnutrition every day is clearly incompatible with the Great Commandment.
    If they ever get around to reading the Republican National Party Platform, they will likely detect that it bears virtually no resemblance to the prophets or gospels of the Christian religion. In fact they will find that it frequently runs directly counter to it.
    This could lead to excommunicating all political parties from campus!