Evangelical angst over Jon and Kate

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I updated my Facebook status last night to say that I “can’t watch Jon & Kate’s marriage fall apart any longer. It’s too depressing.” I had actually stopped watching TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” several months ago because of all the sickening giveaways that the family was getting — it wasn’t enough for them […]

  • momofeleven

    How can you blame, even in part, a failed marriage on the general mindset of the evangelical Christian church? It’s evident that Jon would prefer not to be doing the show but Kate thinks the show is necessary. She seems to bask in the limelight and he isn’t into it or very good at it. Why don’t they decide to scrap the public eye – they have enough money now – and work on rebuilding their marriage? Kate says this “has to continue.” Why?

    Do you really think that Jon would be happier if he had been told several years back that it’s okay for his wife to have greater success than he? That’s a bit naieve.

  • Maureen

    I find this whole idea of blaming “traditional” marriage as the reason for the eroding relationship of Jon and Kate an interesting take. I began watching the show about 6 months ago, turned it on once when there wasn’t anything else on and was intrigued. Never became a must watch type but would check in on old shows…whatever. Anyway, as I learned more and then watched the new season on Monday my thoughts were that they don’t have a traditional marriage at all. Marriage is meant on a spiritual level to reflect the relationship of the Most Holy Trinity. The husband and wife are to love one another as the Father loves the Son and the Son the Father and their love brings forth the Holy Spirit. What I have observed is that Kate runs the household, she belittles Jon and speaks to him as if he is one of the children. It strikes as a real sense of disrespect for him as a person and as her husband. Also the idea of the show being the work that Jon performs for the family is out of balance. It is obvious that he enjoyed going off to work, interacting with other people, feeling useful and proud. Again it appears that Kate is the one interacting with people and being useful and proud. Jon seems on so many levels to have been stripped of his role as father and provider…no wonder he is confused and making inappropriate and hurtful choices for himself and his family. The one thing that seemed to ring out very clearly was a total lack of or willingness to forgive and move forward…on both sides but more so with Kate. How Christian is that?? Both Jon and Kate claimed the children as being the most important thing…another skewed view. Their marriage and each other should be the most important thing–again their love for one another brings forth the Holy Spirit. If their marriage and relationship is sound the children will be sound. The best thing for children is to have parents who love one another as Christ loves His Church…laying His life down. Love is doing what is best for the beloved…that is first and for most spouses.

  • Patricia Peyton`

    Like many other viewers, I “accidentally” was exposed to the program during a recovery from pneumonia, where the show ran almost continuously. Right away I noticed the many different disrespectful ways in which Kate hit or spoke to Jon. He showed much patience, but you could also see hurt. Counseling could help them. I believe Jon’s love for the children is what has made him hang in there, but he appears to be very depressed. Mutual respect is necessary. I hope they can rediscover the qualities that made them fall in love.
    My observations are that Kate is so controlling and wrapped up in how SHE feels, she is NOT considering the children’s need for two parents who are willing to rediscover what marriage can be. I hope that someone will help them recognize the need for God’s guidance.