How Catholic is she?

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About the only thing we’ve been able to discern about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s faith is that she’s Catholic and attended a Catholic high school. The White House says she attends Catholic Church for “important events, including family celebrations,” which doesn’t sound like she’s a daily-Mass-kind-of-Catholic. If confirmed, Sotomayor would be the sixth Catholic […]

  • Maria

    The irony and duplicity in Douglas Kmiec’s comments here is blatant and sad. Liberals desparately try for a schism in the Catholic church by separating catholics into two sects, liberal or conservative. There are no such sects in Catholicism — you are either Catholic or you are not, i.e. you revere the Pope, the Vatican, the magisterium, truly aspiring holiness by trying hard to practice one’s faith daily, including all its dogma, i.e. you are against abortion,euthanasia,assisted suicide,suicide,same-sex sexual relations,fornication and a many other major mortal sins. Liberals argue that when a practicing Catholic falls down, sins, etc. that this is proof of their duplicity, hypocrisy, bigotry, racism or whatever. It seems liberals are eager to acknowledge another liberal’s missteps, misstakes, falling down instances and forgive them, but yet never do the same for anyone else who disagrees withthem, or is not walking with them in their path to eternal damnation, etc.

    Kmiec is hijacking the argument that Scalia,a conservative Catholic SC justice, used in defending his faith and its separation from judicial responsibilitied and duties, to allege that Sotomayor is exactly the same type of Catholic judge and will continue to be. It is highly possible that Sotomayor will also hijack this same argument during her congressional hearings. The facts are different. She is not the exact same type of Catholic Judge. She is the opposite. Her own track record, her own speeches / own words have already defined the kind of judge she is and it betrays any credulity for this argument on her behalf.

  • Mary M

    Amen Maria, from Mary!

  • Vin Carey

    How mistaken they are, the Church will never change about abortion.
    Life must be protected from conception to natural death. Attendance at weekly Liturgy is mandatory under grave sin. Occasionaly for family affairs is not enough. And church holy days superced family affair days. I am a cradle Catholic who is a sinner and does not know everything. We are all brothers in Christ. We pray that the sad divisions between Christians may someday end.