American exorcist plies his lonely trade

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(UNDATED) Pity the poor exorcist, caught between evil spirits eager to inhabit human bodies and a skeptical society loath to believe demons exist outside of movie theaters. Even church leaders and clergy look askance at exorcists as peddlers of a practice best left in the Middle Ages. Most American exorcists, particularly those appointed by the […]

  • Jacques

    Denying that Satan exists is well and deeply rooted in the modernism.
    The bishops, a strong majority or them are modernists, so are doubting about Satan. Exorcisms don’t fit at all in their ways of thinking because this practice is coming from a non “enlightened” age. They trust better in the Science (psychology, psychiatry) to heal the purported cases of possession which they prefer to liken as mind’s sicknesses.
    But Jesus wasn’t a psychiatrist and He expelled the demons in a much easier way than the atheist doctors.
    How can the bishops be so blind?
    The best trickery of Satan is in letting us knowing that he doesn’t exist: The bishops have fallen into the trap because they don’t pray enough.

  • Helene

    I agree with Jacques – exorcists are sorely needed today more than ever. With the rise of occult books, TV shows, psychic fairs, etc more and more people are exposing themselves to demonic infiltration. How many cases of so-called multiple personality disorders or other psychological problems are actually caused by demonic oppression or possession? Are not the Gospel accounts of Jesus expelling demons compelling enough? I pray the bishops heed the wake-up call of Father Thomas (and others including Rome’s exorcist Father Gabriel Amorth) and bring back exorcists into dioceses as the spiritual battle is raging. Jesus Mary & Joseph pray for us.

  • Jacques and Helene, you have outlined the problem perfectly.
    I am reviewing “The Rite” for Catholic Media Review, and I was very encouraged to see the work the Church is doing to help those under the oppression of demons.
    If the bishops read this book, they would reach out with compassion to these victims in the USA. Ignoring the need for exorcism is allowing great suffering and worse, the loss of souls to the devil. He must be very pleased with the USA these days.

  • ellen

    Will ask our Blessed Mother to INTERCEDE for us, and Father’s work. When our congregations do not believe in the REAL PRESENSE of CHRIST in the EUCHARIST, it is understandable that they would not believe in SATAN. May GOD BE WITH YOU,FATHER>

  • seh

    Thankyou, Fr. Gary Thomas, for your courage in speaking what needs to be spoken to the bishops and priests of the USA (OK, except for the “why the hell can’t I?”-Satan loves hearing his home base used in a such a way, esp. from a priest!)
    A major wakeup Catholic Church from your slumber call is starting in this country and priests will finally realize another reason why He has called them to the priesthood…to deliver us! And to again, teach us not only does sin darken the mind and kill the soul but it is a portal for the evil one. A retiring exorcist priest of our Archdiocese once told me that the priests of this generation were in need of deliverance themselves before they could help anyone else…how sad, how true.

  • Cradle Catholic

    If Catholics would only dust off their bibles and READ the Word of God. Satan *does* exist. But the way exorcism is being handled in Rome isn’t the way it is described in Scripture. A true child of God cannot be possessed. When bothered by Satan or demons, one merely tells them to “flee” and they flee. They can be cast into the pit, and rendered a toothless tiger, around a child of God, who promises to protect us. It is not only a priest that can do this task. The Body of Christ is a “priesthood of believers”, and we are to help each other, to edify the whole Body, the Bride of Christ.

  • Dee Cervi

    I’m reading Father Gary’s book. I became very interested in exorism about three years ago when I was very quietly attacked…I had gone on pilgrimage and was trying to pray,but completely unable to do so. I did not recognize it at the time, however I did’t forget the episode. We are all under attack, we just don’t recognize it, and the Catholic Church says nothing…..very sad..Why? Not popular? I am very happy Father Gary’s book is out there..Much more needs to be said about this “taboo” subject. Hooray for Father Gary in bringing this out in the open, and God bless you Father.

  • Catholics need more Fr. Gary’s in this “Post Christian Era”. The modern Church thinks like our government. Everything can be solved with “More funding”.

  • ellen

    This Forum is very educational, and I ask Blessed Mother to continue to intercede for us, and Father GARY. “Cradle Catholic” mentioned that: “A true Child of God cannot be POSESSED” –St Theresa(AVILA)would wake up and find the devil taunting her and say: BE GONE. One has to remember though, that St Theresa believed in the Devil, and she was a VERY HOLY PERSON, and she also had VERY HOLY PRIESTS in her SPIRITUAL QUEST. I am about to re-review the book: EVIDENCE OF SATAN IN THE MODERN WORLD – written by MSGR LEON CRISTIANI.

    Continued prayers for all in this Forum, and I ask our BLESSED MOTHER to intercede for us all. GOD BLESS!

  • L.H.

    Does anyone know which dozen or so dioceses have these exorcists? I know someone in need of such a person. Please, if anyone has a list, that would be helpful. Thanks.


  • Joseph Johnson

    Here is an excellent article about this book and also has an very intersting interview with an Italian exorcist:

  • Joel Torczon

    Certainly there are a lot of doubting Thomases among the Catholic clery when it comes to demonic possession and exorcism — thankfully Fr. Thomas is not among them. I’ll have to get this book. I enjoyed reading Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s first book a year ago (have yet to read his second book, which I also have).

  • Pax Christi

    In case anybody missed it, Catholic author Michael Brown wrote an interesting article about the book on his website Spirit Daily:

  • BP


    There is a diocesan exorcist in Detroit, if your friend is close
    to the area…I think there may also be one in Chicago and of course…the priest mentioned in the article if your friend is nearer to CA. Try your own diocese first. Make sure of course, to have your friend ONLY go to a diocesan approved exorcist who will get his bishop’s permission. Don’t listen to the drivel from others that “anyone” can do an exorcism. This is dangerous.
    A psychological exam and usual investigation will be offered first. Trust only in the church and make sure that everyone around the person and the individual themselves, as much as possible, are availing themselves of the sacraments and the opportunities to fast and offer their daily masses for him. It is much harder for the Devil to be attached to someone in a state of grace.

  • Eddie

    I say Bravo for Matt Baglio! I am half way through reading the book and it is very well written. Not only do we learn about exorcism over the centuries but we also get a real feel for what it is like to be in Rome; and just who Father Gary Thomas is and much more. I really appreciate the way it is written.
    I don’t live too far from Father Gary’s present parish and sometimes attend Mass there. Mr. Baglio’s descriptions of Fr. Gary are right on.
    The book is an excellent read and much easier to understand than Fr Amorth’s, I thought.

  • Tt

    Great to see articles like these.
    Let’s pray for Fr. Thomas. And yes, it is hard work to find a real life exorcist. Canada has ONE. For the whole country.

    Just one final comment. I don’t know why Fr. Thomas is quoted saying “If Nancy Pelosi can see him, why the hell can’t I”.
    To me it just doesn’t sound like language a priest would use. That’s all. Maybe the context was unclear.

    Anyway – thanks for the article.

  • My cousin is a pastor of a non-denominational church. He was trained to do exorcism and has been doing it since he was a chaplain in the
    Vietnam War.

    It is time to let God and to let go! Our Creator who art in Heaven,
    Hallowed Be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done on Earth as
    it is in Heaven! Amen!

    We will not give in to the Beast (666)! We will follow and continue to be Disciples of the (888) — the Alpha and the Omega! Time is an eternity in an everchanging world! His Word remains and the world
    principalities will be conquered as all souls and all saints will
    be together and rise during His Second Coming!

    I have an altar call and I will not be swayed by the counterfeits
    (wolves and wolverines) of this world!!!

    Our Creator God made the universe and all that is! He is the Way and the Truth! His Word is above all words of this world! His Law is above all laws!

    It is mind over matter in the physical world — God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are composites of the One Master of this Universe we
    live in! One’s spirit need be fed by the Holy Spirit and allow one’s spirit to have the Holy Spirit indwell in him or her to bring peace and harmony wherever he or she is.

    God the Father is the only one that can bridge the gap in the world we live in — all came from the Beginning, all souls needing to be
    saved by choosing not to forsake the Father who Art in Heaven and to
    carry on in positive action(s), word(s) and deed(s).

    Time is not money like the world and every one is numbered from the very beginning of time!

    Blessed are the meek in the world we live in. As the stars above shines on and the one “Morning Star” is the Great I AM who I AM!

    All things will pass away with the passage of time and there will be
    renewal — the “Good News!” need be focused and bad news not be
    focused on! When we focus on the positive and stay focused on
    the Word, applying the Word in our individual lives to make peace
    through constructive reasoning, action and deed, taking care of our
    vessels as sacred by proper nourishment in community efforts with
    10% of one’s garden that is properly maintained, an abundance can be
    shared from community to community that sows good seeds in fertile
    soil and reap in time.

    In this world, it seems to be mind over matter! All five elements,
    four seasons, twelve months, i.e.

    We need to be channeled by Heaven, not by artificial intelligence of
    television and trying to go faster with upgrading in a virtual reality disconnected by Reality. There will be a toppling down, a building up and a Spiritual Renewal! It boils down to the TRUTH anthe only highway to HEAVEN is up! Lift up our hands to the ONE
    above, swallow one’s pride, humbling ourselves in the NAME of the LORD, and let God, let go!

    There is so much positive energy that can be harnessed thru positive thinking, words and action.

    What happened to common sense? Blessed are the peacemakers throughout
    the Earth!

    Note: Every pure water drop in the bucket counts. We have always lived in the best of times and the worst of times!

    It is time to battle with His Sword and His Shield provided by Our Father, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We have to get spiritually balanced — Our Father’s love in Heaven
    conquers all the negatives and this world’s principalities!

    Romans 1:16-17

  • SE

    Over the course of many years, I have talked to exorcists, read both Protestant (hoping for some understanding as to why they seemed to have more belief in the devil, the need for deliverance and healing, and exorcism, than the Catholic Church at this point in time) and Catholic books on the subject including the one about Fr. Tom. If we could only combine forces! The newest and VERY informative book….Exorcism and the Church Militant by Fr. Tom J. Euteneuer from Human Life International. This should be standard text book reading for those in the seminary. Hopefully soon, the Lord will reveal what has been hidden for so long, and the Church will once again rise up and do battle against the enemy instead of being infiltrated by the enemy.

  • I really agree with that many Catholics priests deem superstitious and medieval. Thanks!

  • Pax Christi

    Really, Nathan? If that were the case, then why is it that exorcists are so few in the Catholic Church? As well, why has this world become more paganistic and atheistic since the Catholic Church all but did away with exorcists?